Nov. 30th, 2009

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Last chance to sign up for Secret Santa 2009!

Please don't sign up on this post! Please go sign up over here!!!

If you haven't accepted your invitation, please go to and sign in and accept the invite and update your wishlists.

I'm closing down the sign up time at 7 pm CST tonight, so if you haven't signed up by then, you'll be out for this year. At that point, I'll put up a list of participants, and if there is someone you DON'T want to buy for, either because you are already purchasing for that person or some other reason, THAT will be the post to let me know that. We are excited to welcome an international participant this year, all the way from New Zealand!! I know I'd gladly wait a bit longer for some awesome Kiwi (not the fruit) goodies, but if you'd prefer not to ship or receive internationally, THAT will be the post to let me know that, too. Again, THAT post will go up around 7(ish) this evening.

The draw will take place tomorrow evening, sometime well after 7, so you'll have over 24 hours to get any restriction notifications to me. I know this is a bit cramped and I'm not running this nearly as smoothly as [ profile] bountifulpots has done in the past, and I appreciate you bearing with me as I learn the ropes.

Remember: Sign up, Accept invites, Fill out wishlists, Watch for final list tonight, and Draw is tomorrow night! I'm getting excited, and hope you are, too!

EDIT: Comments to this entry are NOT screened. Please don't sign up or state draw preferences in response to this entry!!
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[ profile] rescue_rowan is still going in full swing! Many of the auctions end tonight, so if you haven't already done so, please go bid, shop, list things to sell, promote, etc. The community will stay open until she moves, so feel free to add new auction items at any time and add [ profile] rescue_rowan to your friendslist to keep track of new auctions being listed.

Thanks again, everyone!
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Between travelling, running an auction, running Secret Santa, working, and trying to get the house ready for my mom to come home sometime this week, there is no way I will possibly catch up or even skim the last six days of LJ. Please, please, if there is something I need to see, comment on this post. Even if you just comment here and say "Hey, go look at my journal! There's something you need to see!" then I will gladly go and do so.

This is not lack of love for you...this is me trying to maintain sanity the best way I know how.

Love you all, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I'll try to catch up on my own journaling sometime in the next day or so.
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This is THAT post. If there is someone on this list that you are already purchasing for, let me know. If there is someone here you'd prefer not to purchase for for whatever reason, let me know. Included are screen names and general locations.

Draw will be tomorrow evening!!

[ profile] bountifulpots - Kansas
[ profile] apocalypticbob - Oklahoma
[ profile] titaniumdiva - Kansas
[ profile] aoifemacewen - Oklahoma
[ profile] ceanncait - Missouri
[ profile] fionnabhar - Kansas
[ profile] rowangolightly - Oklahoma
[ profile] zianuray - Missouri
[ profile] softlywhispered - Florida
[ profile] courtneymckenny - Alabama
[ profile] magdaleneseal - Kansas
[ profile] discoverylover - New Zealand
[ profile] desahra - Oklahoma
[ profile] hdsqrl - Missouri
[ profile] ladyariyana - Ohio
[ profile] featherynscale - Missouri
[ profile] starseeking - Oklahoma
[ profile] kyraanne - Missouri
[ profile] berkie - Kansas
[ profile] anairdna - Tennessee
[ profile] labelleizzy - California
[ profile] bleuberi21 - Kansas
[ profile] idiocencratic - Missouri
[ profile] retro_sass - Kansas

This exchange is now closed to new participants, so if your name isn't on this list, we hope you'll join us next year! Comments are screened, but if you'd like something unscreened not relating to the draw selection, say so and I'll be happy to unscreen it. Remember to go fill out your wishlists and address information, and after the draw ask questions and answer questions promptly...this makes things go much more smoothly. Try to mail your items so they will arrive as close to Christmas Eve as possible. Most importantly, have fun (and try to stay close to the spending limit... I know that is difficult, but give it your best go) and don't leave your partners hanging.


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