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Wanna tell me something nice? Wanna do it anonymously?

Go here. Reply to my comment. Here's how it works:

You comment with your username, and people will comment ANONYMOUSLY with things they love and cherish about you. I say anonymously because it makes the atmosphere lighter and more mysterious, kind of like a Secret Santa only with love and holiday cheer! People will wonder who these caring people are and appreciate the fact that they exist, not only the fact that they may be best friends with them.

Then find people you care about and have something nice to say to - even if you don't know them! - and leave them something that will make their heart feel a little warmer at night. This way, the love will go around and around and the magical spirit of the season can be cherished and appreciated by all.
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Cut for pictures and beautiful blasphemy. )

Oh, yeah. I'm going to the Special Hell.
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Had a wonderful time at the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse tonight. Their production of Cinderella was just a joy to watch and listen to. Plus, it has our dear friend [livejournal.com profile] grizesme in it, and she was GREAT!!!

They have one more matinee show tomorrow afternoon. If you haven't gone to see it, you should do so!


Dec. 12th, 2009 05:45 pm
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Sleep in heavenly apocalypticbob,
Sleep in heavenly apocalypticbob.

Silent Night
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :
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If I came with a warning label, what would it be?

(If you want to play along, post this in your own journal.)
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Since I've seen some confusion on my flist, I'll throw this out there:


This explains what happened. It's not just you, it's everybody. They are working on fixing it. Go back and check recent posts for comments, especially if you are participating in any of the online auctions. Some notifications are getting through, but most aren't. This includes notification if someone has sent you an LJ message, so check your inbox on LJ, too.

Hope this helps clear up confusion!
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Fetlife is doing a “Sit on Kinky Santa's Lap” giveaway wherein you can win some neat toys, corsets, etc. Check it out at

Free to enter. Assume NSFW, please.

And, yes, full disclosure, by pimping it here and linking it back I get an extra entry, and there are some things I definitely want.
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Teaching World History today. Kids are behaving and keeping their minds on their work, for the most part. I'm freezing in here, though. I'm out in one of those "portable" buildings that aren't actually portable...bare concrete floors and particle board walls with nothing resembling insulation, and if there is heat on, you couldn't prove it by me. I'm actually wearing gloves as I type this, and am considering making a Thermos of hot chocolate or apple cider (the non-alcoholic kind) to bring back with me after lunch. Brrr!!

Services for the young ladies are to take place Tuesday & Wednesday. I'm already working tomorrow. Don't know if they will be letting school out or not at this point, but I figured I'd go to the office this afternoon and let Mrs. B know that if she needs a sub to cover classes on Wednesday, I'm available. Yes, I knew the girls, and yes, I'm heartbroken, but I'm sure there are teachers here who were even closer to them that are going to want to attend, and I tend to mourn more in private anyway. My only reason for attending funerals is if I am needed by the family or friends or if I need the closure that a viewing can provide. Since that's not possible here, I'm far more useful here at school. Mourning for me tends to be initial grief and shock followed by extreme utilitarianism, and then being blindsided several months later when it actually hits me. It's how I processed death as a child and pre-teen...helping arrange funeral services for family members even then and reading poetry at the services and being "the strong one" and "the hostess". I know it's a little odd, but that's just how I work. I rarely cry at funerals or visitations, and some people have thought me cold because of it, but that's just how my mind works.


Been reading like a maniac lately. A shelf full of bookcrossing books that I want to get circulating is the catalyst behind my renewed reading vigor. Finished "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" last night. Highly recommend it for anyone who would like a glimpse of what it might well be like in the mind of an autistic teenager. I'm passing this copy on to [livejournal.com profile] bountifulpots when I come up to KC.

I am craving a big pot of kielbasa and cabbage...NOMNOMNOM. Or chili. Chili would be good. If mom doesn't have other thought regarding dinner, I may suggest it.
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Thursday, Dec. 17th - [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly and I drive up.

Thusrday night 8 p.m. - A Black Tie Cabaret Burlesque Downtown Underground show at Union Station
(Does anyone know if the Black Tie in the event name refers to dress code expected of the audience, or is that just a spiffy name? Don't want to be underdressed!)

Friday, December 18th - Lunch somewhere? Maybe? Will need to be on the cheap side, because budget like whoa, but might be an opportunity to see people not coming to the evening events...

Friday night 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. - Longest Night Ball
Costuming for this must be begun in earnest this evening. I only need to make a skirt, but I have to find the fabric I want for it. Oh, and a headdress. Should be fine. Hobby Lobby tonight, methinks.

Saturday, December 19th - Wake up at decent hour. Drive to Coweta

Saturday Evening - Yule party @ Cannon residence (wherein I likely pass out early from not near enough sleep the previous two nights)

Sunday, December 20th - Drive home (Pass out and sleep in the next day, Mom willing)
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I still want the fairy tale... I just want it on my terms.

And I'm sick to death of apologizing for wanting what I want. I won't do it anymore. Settling for less than what will make me happy would require me being untrue to myself, and I refuse to do that.

And that's that.

(No, no one has said anything to me or been cruel...this is just me reminding myself not to settle for anything that will make me miserable just because I'm facing yet another holiday alone. I have to remind myself of these things so I don't make rash or foolish decisions sometimes.)
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Thank you all for your incredibly kind words and support yesterday. I'm doing as well as one can expect. I lost a classmate to a car accident my senior year, so I'm as well equipped to deal with Monday as I can be. Thank you for keeping their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Onward to the good news:

I asked Mom how she would feel about me going up to KC a day early so I could take in the BDU show on the 17th, and she said yes, that I should make a trip of it and go enjoy myself!!!! I've already bought my ticket! So exciting!!!

To that end, does anyone have crash space that they wouldn't mind an [livejournal.com profile] apocalypticbob and a [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly inhabiting? We'd be coming up on the 17th, doing the BDU show that night, be available for hanging out and such during the 18th, going to the Longest Night Ball that night, and heading out pretty early on Saturday to get back to the Tulsa area in time for her Yule shindig.

I'm screening comments to this in case people want to offer crash space discretely but will unscreen comments not related to that.

EDIT: Looks like we have a place! Thanks so much for the offers!!!

Hope to see everyone at one or both events!!


Dec. 5th, 2009 07:47 pm
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Sometimes, to process things, I need to write them here. However, because of the graphic nature, it goes behind the cut. Expect triggering things here. )

Parents & teachers, please, for my sake, for your sake, use this story to talk to your teens about driving at a high rate of speed and the dangers of texting while driving. These were not bad or troubled kids. They were popular kids who made really bad decisions, and now they are gone and we suffer.

I'm going to have a glass of wine and a hot bath and an early bed, I think. I'm too broken right now for much else.
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I am completely broken right now. I just found out that two of my students were killed in a horrific car crash on Thursday evening. I had just had Courtney in my class this past week...we had been joking about hair styles....I cried my way through dinner tonight when we went up to Steer Inn. I didn't work Friday and didn't watch the news for the last few days, so I hadn't heard, and two of the waitresses are high school girls. One mentioned being in a daze, and I asked why, and she told me, and I bawled and hugged her and hugged the other young lady....

I am scheduled to teach Monday and Tuesday both. This is going to be incredibly hard.


I don't know what else to say. I'm in a daze myself.
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Because of a last minute change and bureaucratic BS, the Longest Night Ball has been moved to the SMUUCh. Normally, a change of venue this close to an event might be considered a bad thing, but I kind of think it is awesome for two reasons.

1) Since they aren't having to pay high event space costs, they are REDUCING ticket prices!!! That's right, if the reason you weren't coming was the cost of the tickets, that obstacle has been removed. Ticket prices will now be $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

2) Since they are refunding the difference at the ball for those of us who have already purchased our tickets, that is that much more money to spend on the artists and photography and drinks and face painting and all the other amazing things that will be available at the Ball, which will ultimately mean more money going to the Gaia Community, which is the point of this, after all.

If you haven't already purchased your tickets, head on over to the newly updated page at:


and buy your now cheaper tickets!!!!!

(Did I mention I will be there, wearing my new, deliciously touchable leather corset? Come pet me!)
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I almost accidently took a teaching assignment for the 18th of December! Whoops! It would have been doable, since it was an early day assignment, but I don't need to put that kind of stress on myself, then drive to KC, then drive back to Coweta, all with little sleep. I called her back immediately, apologized profusely, and declined the job.

I officially have too many ducks to keep in a row now. Too many balls in the air. I'm herding cats. Pick your metaphor, but they all mean the same thing...I can't take anything else on my plate right now without sending me into a tail spin.
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Elfster has drawn you a name and now you are drawing a blank! What to do:

Fill out your own profile - The person who drew you might be just as stumped on what to do with you. Throw a few suggestions up on your wishlist, link it to your Amazon wishlist, etc.

Ask questions - Elfster makes it super easy to ask questions of the person you drew, or anyone else you want to get to know better, without them finding out who you are. Just click on their name in Elfster and click the link to ask them a question. You can use one of the suggested questions, read over the questions they have answered in the past, or ask them a question all your own.

Answer questions asked promptly - When someone asks you a question, Elfster will e-mail you and let you know. Answer as quickly and thoughtfully as you can, and don't be afraid to be descriptive.

Add them to your journal - Don't be afraid to friend people who are part of this group! I know them all and can vouch for their awesomeness, and I've made some of the most amazing friends through this Secret Santa exchange...not just with the people who drew me or I drew, but other people who just seemed fun. I encourage everyone to friend anyone they don't yet know...it is an LJ Secret Santa, after all, and our journals are a great way to get to know each other better to pick that perfect present. To be honest, I have found that the best gifts I have received through this exchange every year are new friends I might never have met otherwise and deeper understanding of old friends. Add people, at least through the month of December, if you are open to doing so. If you decide you aren't each other's cup of tea at the end of the month, no harm, no foul, but at least you met someone new.
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Because, dude, easiest, most fun day ever!

I'm teaching drama class after the teacher called me last night sick as a dog. She had no lesson plans, so she told me to play improv games with the drama classes and watch movies with the video and film class and humanities class.


So far today, I have played Scenes From A Hat and Party Quirks with a group of Drama 1 students and watched Edward Scissorhands with the film class (they had already started that one). The rest of the day will consist of more Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks, Expert, Stand/Sit/Lie Down, and watching Big Fish with the humanities class and getting paid to do it.

Life is kind of made of awesome today. I wish every sub day could be just like this.

Makes up for all the math I'm going to have to do tomorrow.


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