Sep. 15th, 2009

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Wound up subbing today. Spanish class. Thank goodness I lived in Texas for six came in handy today! The Spanish 1 classes were working on greetings and closings, and I actually knew enough Spanish to help them. YAY!

Tonight was Smog's open house/ book fair. Talked with his teacher for a bit, got a tour of all the neat classroom technology (classroom responders called Neos...very awesome!) and tasted nummy selections from the school cook book in a tasting fair. Bought the cookbook. I'm sure I'll share some of the recipes out of it as I try them. Also bought a crockpot cookbook, and I'm going to work my way through it. I do love my Crockpot, especially now that Crockpot liners make cleanup so much easier. It even has things like Coq au Vin, Tarragon Turkey, and Chicken Curry. NOM!! I'm all about easy and delish.

Mom was here for the night last night. Headed back to Arkansas this morning. She'll be back home Friday for one day, and then she'll be gone for two months. We had a great visit yesterday, though. Ran out to Walmart late last night and giggled our way through the aisles. Times like those I can easily remember why she is one of my best friends. I talked with her about some things I'd like to do organizationally around the house, and she was all for it. Nice to have her backing on that.

It looks like she may have actually made a good deal on getting rid of the travel trailer she had decided to sell. Yesterday evening she got a call from one of our old co-workers from Kerr-McGee who is going through a rather ugly divorce, and is needing something cheap to live in. In exchange, he's wanting to get rid of a riding lawnmower, which is something she's been wanting. Looks like it might wind up being an even trade, and both people are happy. We'll see if it becomes official on Friday. Still no bites on the Blazer. Nibbles, yes, but no bites.

And now it is totally Hot Bath Time. Awwww, yeah!


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