Aug. 4th, 2009

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I don't normally post these, and usually Rob's don't really do much for me, but this one reached out and grabbed me:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): First of all, my friend, you don't need any
second-hand anything, let alone second-hand love. Second of all, dearest,
you are hereby ordered not to hang around any third-rate situations
where you feel like a fifth wheel. You understand? Thirdly, wonderful one,
keep in mind that any eight ball you may fantasize that you're behind is
just a figment of your own delusions. Fourthly, lover, I assure you that
your sixth sense can now lead you -- if you cleanse it of its excess
superstition -- to a place that is, if you have a good imagination, a suburb
of the seventh heaven.

I like this one, a lot. I want to claim it not only for the week, but for a year, at least!
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Went and met the guy who is interested in the Blazer. He added oil to it, aired up the tires added a bit of water to the radiator, and finally got the battery jumped (it's been sitting with nothing done to it for a year and a half, remember) to see if it would run. It ran, albeit roughly, and he was able to get it to go forward and reverse. He said he'd let me know by tomorrow if he wants it. If he doesn't, it's in better shape to sell, and if he does, great.

Waiting is, right?

Car savings continues to grow... almost halfway there....cross fingers that the Blazer sells, 'cause that would be a tidy chunk.


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