May. 4th, 2009

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OMG. I hurt sooo bad. My calves! My feet! Pretty much everything! Really need to clean out the car, but that just isn't going to happen this morning, and I have lunch plans that I need to leave here by 10:15 for, so maybe this afternoon I'll get that done.

Blisters on my feet from walking around in wet leather ghillies all weekend. Joy.

It was a good weekend. Ironically, despite the wet weather, I hit the ground running in full on wench mode and never lost it, though my accent was some weird ass Irish/ English hybrid. Oh, well. No one seemed to care. I only got full on miserable right around 1:15 both days, when it always seemed the rain would start up again and I was stuck sitting out at Front Gate under drippy trees. I got chilled then both days, and started questioning why I do this. Luckily after a little of that, I'd usually get up and get moving and the rain would cease for a while and I'd get over it. Costume contest was exactly one person on Saturday. (He won!) and only a handful Sunday, but we made it work. Bought some fabulous burgundy and black vertically striped knee socks. I like them very much. Smoker went well both days. Large crowd on Saturday. Slightly smaller crowd on Sunday. The new flank steak skewers are delicious and people seem happy with their options regarding drinks and cigars, so that's good. Some really funny new songs (Love the new Jolly Rogers song!) and good times are had by all.

I was a bit depressed on Sunday that my family had let me down, yet again. Not suprised. Just disappointed. I tried not to let it effect my performance in the streets, though.

Answered a LOT of questions about where Honey was. I finally just stuck with "she is traveling abroad but will return for third weekend and I know she'd love to see you here then." I got called Honey a lot, too, which tells you exactly how much most people look at anything but my boobs (Honey is a blonde who wears blue and gold. I'm a redhead in burgundy and green. We look nothing alike except that we have similarly sized breasts.) but I just called them "honey" back and reminded them that my name was Molly and my dear friend Honey was not here but would be here third weekend, etc.

Got a lot of pictures taken of me and with me. Served a lot of "chest-nuts" at Pub Sing. Had a woman Sunday who kept taking pictures (of my face, even!) and then coming over and showing them to me and saying, "You are so beautiful! You are just so lovely!" That was incredibly nice to hear.

Filked the chorus of Castleton's Goodbye. Ask me in person if you want to hear it, but be warned...once you hear it, you won't be able to un-hear it.

Loving the wenches I am working with. They are an amazing group of girls. (I say this every year, but it's always true!) I'm kind of bummed that we lose Angel for such a large chunk of the day, but I know she is having a great time serving at King's Luncheon (ya'll should go see her there!) and so that is good. Still, it is good that we have such a big group, because once we lose Angel for King's Luncheon and Pandora and Rose for joust cheering, we've lost almost half our wenches from the street. Add in a privy break or a dash for lunch rotation, and we are down to just a handful. Then, of course, from 2:30 on, we are completely scheduled solid with dashes from chessboard (and costume contest for me) and Smoker and Pub Sing and Gauntlet. If you are wanting actual wench interactions and pictures, I encourage you to find us before noon while we are on Wench Walk or between 12:45 and 1:45 out at the Front Gate area...or, of course, Smoker and Pub Sing, though the first is the best time for group pictures. This year, we are like will have to work to catch pictures of all of us together.

Magic boobie time has become unofficial wench time keeper, it seems. I try to make sure we stick to the schedule and are where we need to be when we need to be there, esp. when Pandora can't be with us.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later as I have thought and reflected on this, but all in all, despite the sodden mess, it was a good first weekend.
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Dear Waiter at Fujis,

Good on you! I told you the iced tea tasted like fish (seriously, it tasted like aquarium water! [ profile] naamah_darling and [ profile] bat_cheva can back me up on this!) and you immediately whisked it away and brought me a soda. When you walked by again, you made a face that showed me you had indeed gone to the back and confirmed that it was incredibly not good. I'm glad we made it in at the beginning of the lunch rush (all you can eat sushi at the Brookside location on weekdays from 11 to 2 is pretty damn cool!) so you could get some new tea going for everyone else. Also, you had a spectacularly blinged Superman belt buckle. We like you.

Something is fishy in the state of Tea,



Dear Drive thru man at Taco Mayo,

Thank you for paying attention when I wasn't. You realized what I was ordering was a combo and rung it up that way, even though I didn't ask for it, thus saving me a little money. I appreciate it. You didn't have to go the extra mile, but you do.

Thanks for the 20 or so cents,



[ profile] bat_cheva and [ profile] naamah_darling,

Thanks for the companionship today. Sushi and shopping was just what the doctor ordered. I may even find the energy to tackle laundry this evening!

Love you.



Dear Family of Choice,

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being the kind of family I can call on their shit and know that you will react appropriately. I forget that not everyone is like that. You give me hope for the human race.

Love you,



Dear Smog,

Tough call, I'm sure. To attend Student Day at OKRF or to go to school on Puberty Video and Hygiene Day. You all know the one. The one where they put all the fourth grade boys in one room and all the fourth grade girls in another room? Yeah, that is this Friday.

You'll learn more about sex at faire anyway,



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