Mar. 1st, 2009

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* Wedding was awesome. Lot of work, freakishly cold weather, dancing til the straps on my dress popped, beautiful ceremony. When I have pictures, you'll have pictures. I know lots were taken, including some truly terrible ones of my redneck impersonation and a kind of hot one of my legs in high heeled shoes. Have I mentioned that I like my calves? I really do.

* Everything is closed on Sunday! Ft. Gibson? Closed. USS Batfish? Closed. Blargh.

* Mall was open! There was Build-a-bear and lunch and alerting security to the punk twenty something who was harrassing folks in the food court, hitting them up for magazine subscriptions. Leave me alone! I'm eating a gyro and gelatto, dammit!

* Am now officially at the point of singledom where I a) refuse to stand and have a bouquet of flowers hurled at my head (Thank you, Kim, for getting that!) and b) want to shake people who are in relationships with awesome people until their teeth rattle when I suspect that they are about to blow it big time. The bad news about that is that I spend time frustrated and impotent, because you kind of have to let people make their own mistakes and live their own lives. The good thing about that is when I get to this point, post relationship, it usually means I am healing to the point where the very idea of a relationship doesn't make me throw up in my mouth a little. We'll consider that a plus.

* [ profile] berkie's neck is soft and good smelling, even after a five hour car ride. That B&BW stuff really works! *grins*

* I HAVE SOCKS!!!! Dude, I totally have the best socks in the WORLD!!! Okay, and some pretty nifty friends, too. I received two pair of socks this weekend. My socks, let me tell you about them! The first pair, gifted me by the oh-so-cuddly Al Borlen look-a-like (*ducks*) [ profile] starseeking, are red and fuzzy with leopard print around the cuffs. They are SHWEET! And then, oh, then, the second pair, my second pair of SamSocks, delivered to me by [ profile] 5rings from the amazing [ profile] tensegrity, are red with
TEENY, TINY THREE DIMENSIONAL PENISES around the cuff!!! Complete with TESTICLES!!!! I am in serious mad awe of her skill....I have PENIS SOCKS!!!!! And the best part is, unless you know what you are looking for, it just looks like delicate lace edging, so I can wear them to school and have a chuckle over the stealth penii adorning my ankle, and if someone pointed it out, I could be all "Wow, you see penises? Hmmm...have you seen a psychiatrist?" GLEE!!!

* Mom made it safely to NY, where she will be working for the next month or so. This means I get to air the house out first day of good weather, so the cigarette smell will be less deep. Also means all the responsibility for pets and bills and such is back on my shoulders. Plus, now Dustin is keeping his dog over here in the back yard, so there's one more animal for me to keep up with. Yeah, he's supposed to come take care of him every evening when he gets off work and take him to the park on the weekends and such. Anyone want to take a bet on how long that will last? Yeah, I didn't think so. *le sigh*

* Tomorrow I get to don my Dr. Seuss hat and go to the school and read to elementary students for a few hours for the Read Across America event in honor of his birthday. What Dr. Seuss book is your favorite? I'm heading to the library in the morning to choose one, so I'll have a bit of time to go over it before I read it. Always better than a cold reading. I've missed reading to people. I used to do it all of the time, when I was younger, in competitions, and I was good at it. I used to read to Smog, and still do occasionally, but not as much as I'd like. I love to read aloud, to use the different voices and inflections. Like all skills, if you don't practice, you get rusty, so I'm looking forward to this immensely.

* 'Nother wedding this weekend. Garbed one this time. Need to get out my nobles and get them squared away, and whip up something for Smog, even if it is just a simple t-tunic that he can wear, because he dislikes being out of garb when most people are in garb. Raise 'em right, Raise 'em Rennie! *laughs* Busy Bob is busy.

Now, to figure out something for dinner and settle in for some rest and friends list skimming. If I've missed something incredibly important, feel free to poke me gently.

Love you guys!


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