Dec. 4th, 2009

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I almost accidently took a teaching assignment for the 18th of December! Whoops! It would have been doable, since it was an early day assignment, but I don't need to put that kind of stress on myself, then drive to KC, then drive back to Coweta, all with little sleep. I called her back immediately, apologized profusely, and declined the job.

I officially have too many ducks to keep in a row now. Too many balls in the air. I'm herding cats. Pick your metaphor, but they all mean the same thing...I can't take anything else on my plate right now without sending me into a tail spin.
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Because of a last minute change and bureaucratic BS, the Longest Night Ball has been moved to the SMUUCh. Normally, a change of venue this close to an event might be considered a bad thing, but I kind of think it is awesome for two reasons.

1) Since they aren't having to pay high event space costs, they are REDUCING ticket prices!!! That's right, if the reason you weren't coming was the cost of the tickets, that obstacle has been removed. Ticket prices will now be $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

2) Since they are refunding the difference at the ball for those of us who have already purchased our tickets, that is that much more money to spend on the artists and photography and drinks and face painting and all the other amazing things that will be available at the Ball, which will ultimately mean more money going to the Gaia Community, which is the point of this, after all.

If you haven't already purchased your tickets, head on over to the newly updated page at:

and buy your now cheaper tickets!!!!!

(Did I mention I will be there, wearing my new, deliciously touchable leather corset? Come pet me!)


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