Oct. 29th, 2009

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I struggle with this a bit after every Con (and most faires, really) I go to. The week following, I can't catch up on my sleep and have no appetite and I wind up feeling fat and dull and ugly and stupid. Mind you, I know most of these things are not true. I know I am pretty and smart and far from dull, but knowing and feeling are often different beasts. I know this is simply because my extrovert self thrives on those environments, and then I have to return home and live my mostly solitary life.

I also know I'm not alone in these feelings, from discussions with other friends.

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to attend these events, knowing in advance what the withdrawl will be like, but like an addict, I crave it. I'm always looking for that next hit, sometimes even while I'm at a Con or faire. I'd go to one every weekend, if time and finances and schedules allowed.

It's quite pathetic, really.

If you have something funny or goofy or happy and are willing to share it in the comments, I could use a hand stomping brain weasels, and I know there are others who would be grateful, too.


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