Jul. 1st, 2009

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Today begins the last half of this year, a year which has been full of ups and downs for many people, but particularly rough for my friends list. There have been lost jobs, lost loves, lost pets, lost family members, lost health, lost friendships, lost freedom, and lost sanity.

Therefore, with all that I am and with all the power that I possess, I claim the next six months to be a time of abundant prosperity and renewal. I claim new loves for those who wish them, new friendships, new opportunities, new jobs for those who are looking, financial gain for those who are open to it, and all around growth and fulfillment for those in need. I claim vitality and health for those who are sick or unwell in any manner. I claim justice and the prevailing of truth for those facing legal troubles. I claim peace and comfort for those who are hurting.

I claim joy.

I claim joy.

I claim joy.

I invite you to add your claim to mine, that we may stand in accord on this.


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