Jun. 19th, 2009

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Dear School Board Administration Staff,

It is NOT okay to tell your employees, even your part time ones, that you'll "Be here all summer!" and neglect to mention except Fridays when it is incredibly obvious that the first payday of the summer falls on a FRIDAY!!

(Paydays are weird here...they are on the 20th, unless the 20th falls on a weekend, and then they are on the Friday before the weekend. Except apparently during the summer they are CLOSED ON FRIDAYS but neglected to share this information! I feel bad for the poor gardener that was working there today, because she's going to be having a lot of unhappy people visiting her today.)

If I don't receive my check in the mail today, you will be receiving a piece of my mind on Monday.

Absolutely no love,



Dear Family,

Have a great time at the reunion! It was really hard to see you guys leave last night and not be able to go with you. Give my love to the family and tell them I'll see whoever is still alive at the next reunion in two years.


Bob (who really wishes she could be in two places at once this weekend)


Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day. I know we don't talk much. I hope life is going well for you. You were never really an amazing father, but it is still a comfort to me to know that you are out there.

Maybe I'll call you on Monday and surprise you.

We'll see.

Love you, Dad.



Dear Bob,

Get off your ass and off the computer. You have two pair of bloomers to sew, a car to pack, and hair to dye. No time, woman! No time.




Dear Phlegm,

Consider this your eviction notice. You aren't welcome here. Please to be leaving now.




Dear Flist,

Off to WhiteHart dress rehearsal weekend! See some of you there and the rest on the flip side!


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Short pause and soda break. Mmmm...Strawberry Crush.

1 pair of bloomers done, 1 to go. Hair dyeing really needs to happen next, and then whip out the other pair of bloomers, pack the car, and get ready to hit the road. Should be a 3-4 hour drive, and I'll post again before I leave here so my gracious hostess and host know when to expect me. Hoping to leave here by 5-6 at the latest, but we'll see.

Dude, I'm tired all ready.


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