Jun. 15th, 2009

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Too old
Too fat
Too short
Too tall
Too tired to try again
Too sure that I'd fall

Too young
Too pretty
Too weak
Too strong
Too finished to figure out
What went wrong


Slowly recuperating from being sick.

I guess I wore myself out with six weekends of travel in a row, and my body just said no. Kaput. Knocked me flat on my ass, it did. We postponed the Hot Springs trip until I'm back up to 100% (I'm at about 75% right now, I'd say, and improving) but I was really glad I hadn't planned travel this weekend beyond that which could be postponed.

Next weekend is dress rehearsal for WhiteHart. Excited about that. Still need to sew new bloomers, as my ones from OKRF are pretty close to destroyed. Just need to find the energy and the time at the same time. Harder than it seems. Need to dye my hair and try my new wig out, too, and make some sort of sleeping arrangements, though since Smog won't be with me this weekend, I guess I could always just sleep in my car. Eh. Cheaper, at least.

Disappointed in some communications, or lack thereof, lately. Ah, well. What should I expect? Honestly, in this situation, I got exactly what I expected. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not surprised. Just sad.

Interesting picture of me done by [livejournal.com profile] kitchenelf can be found on his facebook here.

Lunch, I think, is in order. Then, laundry.

Exciting times in the land of Bob.


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