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So Mom and I were sitting here watching the Bonnie Hunt show, and she was discussing the nativity scene (or creche) on her desk, and how the Baby Jesus isn't supposed to be in the manger until Christmas morning. We've been slowly decorating for Christmas, and this triggered Mom to unwrap the new creche she bought at the end of the year last year. We decided we'd try this as a fun twist on the tradition, so Mom snipped the zip tie holding the tiny saviour in place, and we put the creche under the tree.

We were then stuck with what to do with a teeny ceramic Jesus...I mean, after all, one can't allow him to be devoured by the dog or crushed underfoot. We needed a safe place to put him. Mom and I both collect many things, and one of the things I have a small collection of is Gone With The Wind memorabilia. After trying several locations for Baby Jesus, we ultimately decided that the best place for him was chilling by the fire in the parlor of 12 Oaks. When Mom first put him there, I exclaimed that she couldn't put him there, because Rhett Butler was lying there. We finally decided he could sit on Uncle Rhett's lap, so long as he wasn't on his face.

I'm afraid Jesus is going to be disappointed on Christmas morning. Needless to say, Mom and I were laughing so hard during this process that I was crying. This is why I love her, even when she's driving me crazy.

Oh, yeah. I'm going to the Special Hell.
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