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2009-07-09 05:35 pm


Mom and Smog and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for a couple of days. I got to take the baths, which I adore (best $23.00 spa treatment ever, says I!) and got to take Smog on the Duck Tour and to laugh at the creepy wax figures in the wax museum. It was a nice trip.

Got some cool news before we left, too. Mom had been entering the Bonnie Hunt/ Harry Potter sweepstakes every day, and she won one of the prizes, so Smog and I get to go see Harry Potter on Monday night down in OKC in a VIP screening. Exciting!

Trying to get prepared for the final weekend of Whitehart Renaissance Festival. Should be an interesting one, with cast changes and such. I am looking forward to not driving every weekend, that's for certain. It's been a fun summer faire season, and one I'm ready to see ended.

Smog got a hell of a deal buying a Wii from the older brother of one of his friends. He gets the Wii, a couple of regular controllers, a wireless controller, a nunchuck controller, a slew of games, and a complete Rock Band set up, including the game, for $225. He's been saving his money for a while, and is so excited he can't stand it.

Mom and I talked a lot on the trip to Hot Springs. I was upset about having to give up my own place, and frustrated that I just don't have the ability to keep it, as I'm so overwhelmed with what I have that I don't know where to begin, and we came up with a plan of attack, so there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with regards to that. We'll see. I'm afraid to hope too much, but we'll see.

Need to make arrangements to get Smog half way to his dad's place...actually, need to figure out where is halfway between Cushing, OK and Mobile, AL. Mom is heading to Massachusetts to file her unemployment on Sunday evening, and she'll be back some time next week.

I finished reading BLAZE by Richard Bachman on the trip...good, quick read. Also picked up Dragonfly in Amber from the library and found they had the rest of the Diana Gabaldoon books there, so that's good. I always forget about the library...how sad is that?

And that's what's going on in my neck of the woods.