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Braveheart on TV
Chicken Saag from Desi Wok (OMNOMNOM)
Not having to cook dinner (Squire Fred and Smog are cooking pot pies under supervision)
Sore muscles from good exercise
Big glass of ice water
Reveling in the simple joys of life
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Those of you who participated in the challenge, or those who just saw it cross your friends lists, I want to hear from you. Did you have more positive in your life? Did you find yourself seeking out the good in your life? Was it annoying and you are glad it is coming to a close? I'm curious.

I found I framed my day in a more positive light, and was less likely to post about the negative, but I also found that I almost felt bad about posting the negative, as if I would "harsh everyone's buzz" and that was awkward. I don't want anyone else to feel that way. You shouldn't feel stifled or censored in your own journal. I need to keep this as a place to vent, too, and I felt a bit restricted, though I know I was doing that to myself. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who felt that way.

My favorite part was coming and reading everyone's positives, though. It was incredibly uplifiting.

As an experiment, it was fun. I don't know that I could maintain it on a daily basis, but I do know I want to share more of the good things in my life, not just the big ones, but the little ones, too.
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Things which didn't suck for 08-02-09

This is a bit late, because I was sleepy like whoa and decided that a hot bath and early bed were more pressing than LJ. So you get it, a bit late.

1) Helping friends move some more. It's good to help others, esp. those who have always been willing to help me.

2) Receiving a hefty chunk of change from [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly towards the repair of my car. Almost at the halfway point.

3) A guy came by about buying the Blazer. We'll see what happens there, but I'm hopeful.

4) Working some more at my place. Seeing real progress.

5) Finishing the first book in the Dark Tower series.

6) Getting a good night's sleep and sleeping in.

So that's it. The challenge is over, but in a way, it is just beginning. I now challenge myself and all those reading to keep finding things that don't suck, every day, in your life, and sharing them occasionally. Maybe we won't make lists every day, but I know I want to keep sharing my joy with you, not just my sorrow, and I hope you will consider including me in your happiness, that I might rejoice with you.

What didn't suck in your world today?
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Things which don't suck:

1) The nice lady at Walmart who helped me find the incredibly specific erasers required by Smog's school supply list.

2) Child support that allows me to buy his school supplies.

3) Cleaning and organizing my shelf in the bathroom cabinet. Got rid of some trash, took things out of there that have no business in the bathroom, just made it generally more user friendly. Baby steps.

4) Got the title in the mail for the Blazer. Now maybe I can get it sold and out of my life.

5) Smog spending the night with a friend. Bit of quiet time is nice.

6) Chinese food. YUM!

7) Working on a new project with items from stash. YAY!

8) Sliding into a new world via books. I feel blessed that my mother instilled a love of reading in me at an early age (and a love of Stephen King, for that matter) that allows me that escape.

9) A glass of water cold from the fridge in a cup that changes colors with temperature. It makes me smile

10) Twilight time on a July evening, with the cool grass underfoot.

What doesn't suck in your world?
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Things Which Do Not Suck - 7-30-09

Today was harder for me, but I still came up with a few things that don't suck, and one thing that made me laugh:

1) Going to the thrift store that is closing down to browse and finding a couple of sewing patterns that I could use for a nickle each.

2) Sitting in the front yard with a glass of iced tea and a good book while Smog swims with his friends.

3) A pretty rose that is growing on the rose bush.

4) Sleeping so hard last night that I didn't even hear the storm. Nice!

5) Tylenol PM

6) Finally sorting through a big stack of Smog's clothes. Now have sacks to take to a few friends with small boys. YAY!

And the funny: When I went and applied for a lost title for the Blazer, I jokingly told the lady there that the original one would turn up in the next few days. Guess what Mom found today in the file drawer that both of us had gone through multiple times looking for the title? You're right!! We both had a good laugh over it, because, really, what else is there to do?

That's it for me, folks.

What doesn't suck in your world?
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Things Which Do Not Suck 7-29-09

1) My feet got cold in the middle of the night, so now I am wearing my awesome stripey SamSocks. Any exuse to wear awesome socks does not suck.

2) Chocolate milkshake from Braum's. You suck it, but it doesn't suck!

3) Going to the library to check out books. Free and great entertainment. I'm reading my way through the Outlander series and starting the Dark Tower series, which I had never gotten around to reading. My library has both. Cool!

4) I have so many friends who are in awesome relationships and they express thelove they have in those relationships freely and openly. It makes me both feel warm and fuzzy and hopeful for our world.

5) Meatloaf for dinner. Delish!

6) Car is fixed, and earlier than expected! I would recommend Bob Hurley GM's service department if you need fast service and good communication.

7) Almost halfway to the total needed to retrieve my car. (I'm trying to be "glass half full" about this, 'cause it's how I stay sane.)

8) I got a good night's sleep last night, and am looking forward to another one tonight, after some reading.

What didn't suck in your world today?
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Things Which Do Not Suck for 7-28-09, in random order:

1) Waking up to incredibly kind and sweet messages in my inbox.

2) Coming to LJ to find page after page of things which do not suck on my friendslist...ya'll are awesome!

3) Making new, interesting friends as a direct result of putting positive energy into the world...talk about quick results!

4) A free caramel iced coffee from McDonalds. All because of a mild misunderstanding and the kindness of the manager. It was above and byond good service, and not necessary, but very cool. (It was my splurge for the week...I allow myself one frou-frou coffee a week, otherwise I'd want them every day.)

5) Fresh green bell peppers for lunch...so crisp and delicious! And sugar snap peas for dinner last night! YUM! (I've been craving crunchy, crisp things, and these hit the spot!)

6) People I don't know still stepping up and helping me with my car issue. I'm humbled and awed everytime I get an update from [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly or I get a message in my Paypal telling me that someone else is willing to help.

7) Meryl Streep on The Tonight Show last night. She was trying to play a concertina. I love her as an actress, and I love that she isn't afraid to be silly. I am looking forward to seeing her in her new movie with Amy Adams.

8) My brother finally....FINALLY...came and picked up his dog today. No more barking and howling right outside my window at 4 am! HAPPY DANCE!!

9) Smog had a good time with his friend who spent the night, and now said friend has gone home. Smog having friends over reminds me why he is an only child. Birth control does not suck.

10) America's Got Talent is on tonight, and I like that show.

11) Finding a cool gift that made Smog's day in stuff I had hanging around the house (a mini grow-your-own-bonsai-kit...he's expressed interest in bonsai lately) and getting huge hugs in return.
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I enjoyed writing my list earlier so much that I'm going to challenge myself to write a list of things that didn't suck every day for a week. I encourage everyone to play along by posting a list of things that didn't suck each day in their journal, too, or at least commenting on mine and telling me things that didn't suck. I'm just naive enough to believe that putting that much positive energy into the world for a week can make a difference, and if it doesn't, I have lost nothing.

For anyone thinking that their lives are so horrible that they can't find at least one or two things that don't suck each day, I encourage you to do something each day to make someone else's life better, even if it is just smiling at them and receiving a smile in return. If you can't accomplish at least that much positivity, then A) you need to seriously re-evaluate your life choices, and B) I'm not 100% sure I need you in my life. I am throwing that out there pre-emptively to the Negative Nellies that tend to pop up on these kinds of posts.

To recap: 1 week. At least 1 positive thing each day.

Game on.
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I've been writing about nothing but my car lately, and, well, that gets old. Here are some things that are not related to my car, at least not directly, and which do not suck:

1) I got an amazing, day brightening envelope in the mail that contained pictures of yours truly (like the one in my icon) taken by the talented [livejournal.com profile] arkhamrefugee and suitable for framing. *GLEE*

2) I got the Blazer cleaned out, and applied for a replacement title, and several people have expressed interest in purchasing it as a parts car. If I can sell it, that will be another $500 towards car repairs, so here's hoping!

3) I have a belly full of burrito. MMMmmm...burrito.

4) I finished Dragonfly In Amber day before yesterday, and I enjoyed it. Will take it back to the library tomorrow and get the next one.

5) Mom's cat is sleeping on my shoes (he has a foot fetish) with his front paws crossed and tucked prettily under his chin. Cute cats do not suck.

6) In one month, I will be 31. I'm actually pretty okay with this. 30 has been rough, and I'm looking forward to seeing what 31 will hold.

7) It's been raining all morning. I like rain.

8) My family is relatively healthy and relatively whole.

9) I have awesome friends.

10) Even with all that has crashed down around me lately, I'm still choosing joy.

What doesn't suck in your world today?
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