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Dear Flist,

If you haven't already, please go check out the auctions going on over at [livejournal.com profile] rescue_rowan. You'll be seeing this a lot from me over the next month or so as she tries to raise money for her move. There are some amazing things for auction, things that would make perfect Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/Winterthing/etc. gifts, and you'd truly be giving a gift to two people at once if you purchased them.

Direct donations are also very much appreciated via Paypal to:

rowangolightly (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you for your generosity!!

Da Bob


Dear Amber,

I know you are feeling pretty vulnerable right now. It will be okay. It is not a reflection on you. What will be, will be. Breathe, hon. It is what it is, and you can't control the actions of other people. Wait a few more days, do what you have to do, and don't let current events spoil your memories of the experience, if you can help it.

You Are Worthy.



Dear Devon (aka Smog),

This time eleven years ago, I was hooked up to monitors and an IV that would encourage you to make your entry into this world. You didn't make an appearance until almost 8 in the evening, and you changed my life. It's crazy to look at you now, all gangly legs and freckles, and remember that you were my little turkey baby, my little peanut, my little bullfrog. I miss the baby you were sometimes so hard that it aches, and I admit that I occasionally dread the teenage years ahead of us, but mostly I love the tween you are now, even when I'm frustrated with your rare rebellion.

Don't grow up too fast, and don't pull away too soon.

I love you so much,

Mommy (always)


Dear friends from Pub Night,

Don't forget to journal the bookcrossing books you picked up last night, if you don't mind. You can stay anonymous, or if you want to see where the books go when you are done with them, you can register. I'm apocalypticbob there, too, if you want to use me as your referring member. If you join, please add me over there, too!

If you journal the books, I'm far more likely to keep bringing them to Pub Night and giving you dibs on free books...just saying.

Love ya!

BookCrosser Bob


Dear Calendar,

I'm torn, looking at you. I know there are awesome things ahead, things I'm looking forward to attending, friends I'm looking forward to seeing, and yet, there they are. All those red letter days, those pre-printed words glaring up at me from the page, reminding me that I am, once again, alone for the holidays. I'm frantically filling my days with activities to avoid actually thinking about it, but that really doesn't work and we both know it.

If it weren't for the weather, I'd be ready for January already.

No love,



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