Dec. 5th, 2009 07:47 pm
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Sometimes, to process things, I need to write them here. However, because of the graphic nature, it goes

Apparently, Courtney was driving at a very high rate of speed. 80-90 mph is estimated. And apparently both girls were texting people at the time, because someone claims to have been texting with her and then just didn't receive any more texts. They know that Courtney had her seatbelt on. They can't tell about Ashley. They think both girls died on impact. There is little left to bury, as the bodies remained in the burning car for over two hours before they could be recovered. There is little left to bury. The identification had to be done from dental records. The car is apparently a mangled burnt shell.

Dear God, I hope they both died immediately. I hope they never knew what had happened.

Parents & teachers, please, for my sake, for your sake, use this story to talk to your teens about driving at a high rate of speed and the dangers of texting while driving. These were not bad or troubled kids. They were popular kids who made really bad decisions, and now they are gone and we suffer.

I'm going to have a glass of wine and a hot bath and an early bed, I think. I'm too broken right now for much else.
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