Nov. 24th, 2009

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From [ profile] featherynscale, the interview meme. She asked me five questions. I'll do the same for others, but not until I get back from vacation next week.

1. What is the best advice you could give to someone who wanted to be your friend?

I love having friends, but I'm not always as good a friend as I would like to be. I'm more likely to let a friendship languish on the vine for lack of tending than I should be. That said, if you want to be my friend you are always welcome. Here's what you should know:

* I'm great at mass communication and not as good with individual communication. This is a personal flaw. If you need me, poke me. I'll try to respond as quickly as I can, but some days I just can't wrap my head around e-mailing or IMing someone, and it takes an emergency for me to call someone. If you really need me, poke me twice or tell me it is urgent so it doesn't get lost in the noise and shuffle.

* I am, on occasion, deeply flawed and broken. The good thing about this is it makes it easier for me to accept your flaws and breaks (sometimes too easy, and I wind up making excuses for you). The bad thing about this is I can be moody and crazy at times. Don't take it personally. Nine times out of ten it has more to do with me and less to do with you or anything you have done.

* If TMI bothers you, tell me upfront. I overshare. Likewise PDA...I tend to hug friends and occasionally kiss them. If you can communicate your boundaries with me, I'll do my very best to respect them.

* I suck at names and faces and matching them up, even on people I have known for a long, long time. If I don't see you monthly, there is a good chance I won't get your name and face matched up correctly. I cover this by calling people endearments, such as "Sweetie", "Honey", "Sugar", "Chica", etc. Of course, I also use these with people whose names I remember sometimes. And sometimes I know people's names, and have it matched to their face, but can't get it out of my mouth. I have that problem with lots of words, but names are often worse. If I don't call you by name over an extended period of time, please don't be afraid to remind me of it. If I screw up and call you by the wrong name, please correct me gently.

2. Of these three: Love, Honor, Power, which is most important, and why?

For me, personally, Love, in all of its forms. Honor would come next, because I believe they go hand in hand...if you love someone, you treat them with Honor and behave honorably towards those you love. Power has very little importance in my life. I am given power, occasionally, and I always take that responsibility as seriously as possible, but I'm usually grateful to give it back.

3. Imagine that you have enough money that you do not have to work for a living. In fact, you have enough money that you can afford to spend your days doing whatever you most enjoy. What do you do with your time?

I travel. I see the world, meeting new people and making new friends along the way. I read. I go to school, not because I care about the degree but because I want to learn new things. I hire someone to clean my house, which I despise, and get me organized, which I need.

4. What is the biggest fear you've ever overcome?

I used to be terrified of heights and bridges. Walking across a bridge where I could see between the slats was damn near impossible for me, but I got over it.

5. What is a rule you live by?

I always tell people that my rule for life is this: When someone offers you a breathmint, take it. It is either a kindness (which we need more of and should encourage) or a hint that you need one.

I still think that's a great rule.

Truly, though, I try to live my life in love, loving every person I meet to the best of my ability at that exact moment in time. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Sometimes it has brought me great joy. I try to temper all of my words and actions with love. I'm not always successful...I'm human, and incredibly flawed, as mentioned above, but I wake up every day and try again.


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