Nov. 11th, 2009

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For those who missed it, it has been officially announced that Scarlet's Mid-Winter Fest will not be returning.

I'm not incredibly surprised, as it was a great idea that was plagued with problems, but I am saddened for my friends who attended and performed there. I'd given it a pass the last couple of years, because I intensely disliked the new location they had chosen and found the cost/value ratio to be not worth my time and money. Still, the years that I did attend before it moved locations I really enjoyed, and the year I did attend at the new location still held good memories.

Wishing all the FoxMoon Production folks the best in their other endeavors.
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I'll likely never be an author. I don't have the drive, the desire to get published and see my books on the page, in other people's hands. I think the critique and rejection would drive me mad. Sure, I toy with the idea occasionally. I'll get the notion that I should go on 50 dates with random losers from Craigslist and write them up as a book, or that my memoirs would just fly off the shelves. People have asked for a book of my random letters, but I can't imagine that they would be nearly as interesting out of context, and why would someone choose to pay for that which is easily accessible and free right here. I know that if I ever did write a book, it would likely be in letter or diary form, because that is what I am comfortable with. Still, despite these occasionaly flights of fancy, I doubt I will ever be an author.

I will always be a writer. I love the physical act of typing my words and thoughts onto the screen, and promptly forgetting about them. I love going back and reading journal entries from years ago and rolling the words around in my mind. Sometimes I'm surprised at what I read, at a particular turn of phrase that strikes me so much that I forget that I'm the one who wrote it, or an insight that makes me sounds far wiser than I actually am.

This post is spurred on by the jotting down of some off-the-cuff purple prose in an entry earlier today. I know that if I were to try to write an actual novel, it would come out much like those high school attempts by the [ profile] merry_fates that are being featured on their blog this week, purple and full of angst and full of itself, most likely. Still, while the prose I wrote is purposefully laughably bad, it was fun to write. It was fun to string those words together, to try to write something bad but still readable.

I'll probably never be a published author, but I hope I always find joy in being a writer.

To you NaNoWriMo writers out there, don't forget to just have fun writing, too!
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Not surprised. I enjoyed the first few episodes of the first season, but then it kind of lost me and started to feel repetitive, so I stopped watching. Still, sad to see it go, as I had friends who were still quite into it.

Joss mentions in the article that we'll know what his next project is by the time Dollhouse is done. I'm hoping it Dr. Horrible related. *crosses fingers*


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