Nov. 9th, 2009

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Really random icon question, best answered with a poll:

[Poll #1482901]

The reason I'm asking is that my default icon is a rather happy one, and sometimes I feel weird responding to comments from my e-mail because I know my smiling face is going to be plastered next to whatever I'm saying. Sometimes, also, I respond via LJ and forget to change it, but don't always want to go back and edit it, and I wonder how much people notice or care.
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Assume this post and all comments are likely NSFW. )

So tell me about your weird erogenous zones...the ones that don't get much play in the mainstream media. Maybe we'll all learn something new we are interested in trying, or maybe we'll find things that definitely aren't for us, but knowledge is power, right?

You may comment anonymously, if you prefer. Comments are not screened.
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I WILL be attending The Longest Night Ball in Kansas City, MO on December 18th, 2009. They are in the process of revamping the website as we speak, but you will soon be able to purchase your tickets. As soon as ticket sales are live, I will post an update with prices and a link.

This promises to be an amazing time. Dancing, laughter, and fun are certain to be the order of the evening. This is a fundraiser for the Gaia Community, which is a pretty awesome group of people in the KC area, many of whom I am blessed to know. One of the organizers has expressed the desire to have 100 human bodies there, and it is my desire that we help her meet and even exceed that goal. I just tried to purchase my ticket, but they aren't quite set up yet. As soon as they are, I will let you know.

A Ball based on the concept of "Love As Thou Wilt" as a fundraiser for a community of people who are welcoming and accepting of "all who share our values and our commitments, regardless of age, race, color, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual or affectional orientation, or disability."*

Yeah, I can totally get behind that.

It would be my absolute joy to see as many of you there as possible, to celebrate the shift of seasons with my dear friends. Please, if there is any way you can possibly attend, make plans to do so.


*From the Gaia Community homepage


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