Oct. 6th, 2009

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Guess the cold and flu season is hitting the teachers hard, too. Thankfully, Smog feels fine (aside from some sniffles, but I'm thinking his nausea yesterday was actually caused by post nasal drip, as there weren't any repeat occurences) so he's back at school, which is good, because I need the work.
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Working again tomorrow. Apparently there are some cases of H1N1 at our school now. Thankfully, in the past, I've been fairly flu resistant, and I'm praying I will remain so.

Must run up to the Mart of Walls now. Been putting it off for three days, but no more can do.

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If you give a Bob some nookie, chances are she's going to want to talk about it.

If she talks about it, she's going to replay it in her head on an endless loop.

If she replays it in her head on an endless loop, she's going to eventually run out of batteries.

If she runs out of batteries, she has to go to the store.

If she goes to the store, she's going to flirt with anyone between 18-80.

If she flirts, she's eventually going to start getting excited.

If she gets excited, she's going to talk about it.

If she talks about it, chances are, Bob's going to want some more nookie.

* with apologies to Felicia Bond


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