Sep. 23rd, 2009

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Drove over to Stillwater this morning to pick up a Disney Princess Castle toy organizer someone was offering on freecycle. Retail price of similar organizers ranges between $40 and $60, but the one I got is the much prettier, no longer available one in the Amazon link. SCORE! Nevaeh will love it. Needs a quick wipe down, but is completely intact and in great shape.

Since I was over there anyway, I went to Hastings to pick up a couple of used books and treated myself to brunch at IHOP. Then I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up some more organizer bins for my bathroom shelves. I also managed to get hit on in Dollar Tree.


Dear Fellow Dollar Tree Customer,

While I was flattered that you were interested enough in me to do a double take and then begin following me around the store in an effort to get my attention, hovering one aisle over gets really creepy really fast. I was actually kind of proud of you for finally getting the nerve up to introduce yourself to me, and I shook your hand and told you my first name. However, desperate as I may be for romance, I'm not quite yet desperate enough to fall head over heels for a guy who reeks of beer and marajuana at 10:30 on a Wednesday morning. Your eyes were so bloodshot that there was more red than white. I answered your question that, no, I don't live in Stillwater. I bid you good day, and I hope you have a great life, but you really need to work on your technique.

Not interested,



Dear IHOP in Stillwater, OK,

Once again, superior dining experience! The food was wonderful, the service was efficient and friendly, the restaurant was spotlessly clean, the music wasn't too loud, the ambiant temperature was fine. Just lovely! There are a lot of chain restaurants that don't make the effort to create a nice experience, but you do, and it shows.

Thanks again!



Dear [ profile] bodhifox and [ profile] fairgoldberry,

It has been brought to my attention that you have not yet met here in LJ land. I'd very much like to encourage you to consider rectifying this. You are both amazing, uplifting people, and I think you would likely enjoy each other's journals very much. I know you have both made my life richer for being a part of it, and joy shared is joy multiplied, I truly believe.

Give it a go, eh?



Dear Hastings,

Why? Why do you not like my friend, [ profile] m_stiefvater? She's an awesome writer, but I couldn't find her books anywhere in your store, and they weren't in your electronic inventory, either. How can this be? Did she wrong your founder in a former life? Please to be fixing this now.




And that's my Wednesday so far. I go in a couple of hours to get my TB test read. It looks better at this point than the one in June did, so who knows? It also itches like a thousand fire ants under my skin, which I don't remember the last one doing. Should be interesting to see what they say.

How is your Wednesday?


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