Sep. 19th, 2009

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Hey, Oklahoma Browncoats! I'm location hunting for a new space for the 4th Oklahoma Grand Shindig.

Ideal locations would be:

In Tulsa or Broken Arrow
Able to comfortably accomidate 50-75 guests, plus a two person band
Available Sunday, November 22, 2009 in the afternoon
Fine with us serving food and drinks (we always leave the venue cleaner than we found it)
Free or incredibly cheap, as whatever we pay for the venue raises the ticket prices

Do you know somewhere that might work? Church fellowship halls are usually out, since it takes place on a Sunday. Have you had an event at a local hotel or event venue and might be willing to share some of the information with me? I'd greatly appreciate it. Do you have a home or private space that might work? Please consider opening your space to this event.

The Oklahoma Grand Shindig always chooses a local charity as our beneficiary. We have worked with the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey Educational and Rehabilitation Facility, as well as Safari's of Broken Arrow Wildlife Sanctuary in the past, raising tidy sums with our charity auctions and drawings. I would very much like for the Oklahoma Browncoats to be able to continue helping local charities, but we need a venue or we can't continue.

Can you help?

Can you spread this plea around to someone else who might know of a venue?

I intend to come to Tulsa and Broken Arrow next week and scout locations, but any leads that I can get would be a huge help, either to send me a place to check or a place to warn me away from, it would save me a lot of time.


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