Sep. 10th, 2009

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Hey, banjo lovers!

The American Banjo Museum, previously located in Guthrie, OK under the name The National Four String Banjo Hall of Fame, just opened in Bricktown in Oklahoma City this week. I know I have a few banjo lovers on my flist, so thought I'd spread the word. Apparently they have over 300 banjos. So. That's interesting.

More info here:

Becky, I don't know if you get to take field trips with your students, but if you do, this might be one to consider?
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Doing a little friends list trimming. Mostly people who never post or haven't posted in the last six months (because I like reciprocal sharing, ya know?), people whose LJ's have been eaten my Twitter only updates, and people who no longer post anything actually about themselves or are using LJ strictly for promotional purposes. These people will still be able to read my public posts...just not the stuff behind the locks. If you fall into one if these catagories and you really want to stay, let me know and I may add you back. Also, if you fall into the first catagory and want to stick around, post something! I added you because I want to know more about you!



EDIT: If you've posted anything besides advertisements or Twitter feeds within the last month, consider yourself safe. No need to request to stay. If you haven't posted anything since March 2009, then go post something so I know you are still an active journal. If you aren't going to use your journal anymore for journaling, then I'm probably going to restrict your access to the private parts of my journal, because, well, fair is fair. If you want to see mine, you are going to have to start showing me some of yours. You will still have access to all public posts, but I'm tightening my list of people I read and who have access to the more private things to people who are sharing in return. I'm not an exhibitionist.


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