Aug. 29th, 2009

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Made it safely home from OKC. More on that later.

My car is decidedly NOT FIXED. I am decidedly NOT HAPPY. Yes, there will be a call to the mechanic first thing Monday morning. I AM A PISSED OFF BOB!

My car started bucking and hesitating at stop signs, and then when I turn it on it is acting like it isn't getting gas. On the way home from dropping off Becky and Riley, it started a new symptom. The speedometer will suddenly drop and swing wildly between speeds, even though the car is maintaining a consistent speed, and the fuel indicator light ( the one that tells you when you are running low on gas) will flash momentarily. My guess is some sort of fuel sensor isn't working or wasn't hooked up right. Thoughts? Is it safe to drive it the 45 miles back to the mechanic that did the work (and who know that the engine is under warranty)? I know it was freaking me out.

They supposedly took it for a test drive, and maybe they did, but I'm really quite unhappy right now. Hopefully they will not only fix it but if they are going to keep it, will have a loaner car for me. They've had this car for a month. There is no excuse for this.

So that's that.


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