Aug. 23rd, 2009

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Please go check the auctions on [ profile] rowangolightly's journal if you bid on anything at all. Even if you think you didn't win, please go check. Several bids were deleted, apparently, and a few auctions were expanded to include more than one prize, so if you think you were outbid, you may have actually won!

The sooner these are paid for, the sooner I can go get my car, and the sooner you get your nifty items!

I appreciate all the bidders and don't want to come across as a nag, nor do I want [ profile] rowangolightly to have to contact the winning bidders individually, so I'm asking that you please go check and see if you have won.

She has an easy to find list of all the winners right here:

If you posted a link to the auctions, could you post this link to the list of winners as well? That way people who aren't on my or [ profile] rowangolightly's journals who bid can find out if they won!

Thanks again for everything!


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