Aug. 20th, 2009

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Smog is safely on the bus in the rainstorm on his first day of his last year in elementary school.

I'm only tearing up a little bit. I'm not going to cry.


Just a final reminder: Today is the last day of auctions here:

All auctions end at 1:00 pm Central. Thanks for all the bidding and sharing of the link that ya'll have done.
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Do you have kids? Grandkids? Godkids? Nieces or nephews? Other kids in your life that you would like to see make it to the age of majority?

If any of those children are under the age of eight, this post is for you. If not, please feel free to pass it on to someone who it applies to.

Are you aware that car seats expire? I wasn't, really, until recently. I knew using a used or hand me down seat was a bad idea, but I assumed it was because straps, clips, and manuals could be missing or broken. I didn't realize it was because the actual plastic body of the seat breaks down and becomes useless.

There's a great article about it here:

and a pretty telling video of the results using an expired car seat and a crash test dummy here:

Most car seats expire 5-6 years after the date of manufacture (NOT the date of sale!), so most car seats are going to be a single child item.

Some things to consider:

1) If you have a child in your life who is in a car seat, check the expiration date now. Put it in your calendar, set your e-mail reminder, anything to let you know when it expires.

2) If you have an expired car seat, you need to destroy it and discard it. (Could be a fun way to get out some of those parenting frustrations!)

3) Never accept a used car seat without checking the expiration date and doing a visual inspection of the entire car seat. If all of the pieces aren't there, if it is cracked, discolored, warped or any other kind of damage, throw it out. If in doubt, throw it out! A bargain isn't a bargain when it puts a child's life at risk.

4) Think twice about buying discounted car seats or registering for expensive forward facing or booster seats for your baby shower. You don't want the majority of the car seat's usage time to be spent on a shelf or tucked in a closet.

5) Anytime a car seat is in a car that is involved in a car accident, it is recommended that the car seat be replaced, which is one more reason not to use a pre-owned car seat unless you know the person you are getting it from and they can verify that it has never been in an accident.

Just a few simple steps that could save a child's life!
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I am so in shock! With the donations and the awesome auction, it means Mom and I have to come up with $865 dollars, and that is doable! Totally doable!

I'm going to get my car back! Soon, even!

If you bid on anything in the auction or donated anything to the auction, [ profile] rowangolightly has the handy list of who won right here along with instructions to make this part as easy as possible:

Thank you all so very, very much. I love you all deeply and appreciate this miracle you have performed for me.

P.S. I will add that if you are wanting to get the money to me the quickest and have it do the most good, an instant transfer to my Paypal account from your bank account marked as a gift gets it to me the most quickly and saves fees. I'll accept it any way you need to send it, but since I've had people ask, that's the best way.
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Smog is safely home from his first day of school. He got the teacher he wanted...the only male teacher in the school. This guy seems to be organized and on the ball, utilizing a color coded binder system for organization that makes my little Virgo heart go pitty pat!

I hope this winds up being a great year for him, a year for him to blossom and grow and really love school again.


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