Aug. 19th, 2009

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Apparently there is a renaissance festival this weekend in Arkansas City, KS. Looks like some friends and acquaintances will be performing at this first year faire. If anyone makes it out there, let me know if it is worth the trip. Might be something to look into visiting or performing at next year, if it repeats.
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1) Thunderstorms in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Best of the best!

2) Gently teasing a friend in the comments over at [ profile] merry_fates. When I know I can pick on you a bit, out of love, and you can take it and give it right back...well, that's a joy. It's one of many ways I show my affection, and I love people who get it and don't get all butthurt.

3) Google Calendars! Susi turned me on to this. Oh, the love! The color coded love! Got all Smog's school dates entered in. Got all kinds of things entered in. LOVE! I'll still have to maintain a paper planner, as I have to be able to look up at a moment's notice and see if I am available for subbing while I'm at the school, but I'm definitely going to keep using the Google calendar, too.

4) Chicken noodle soup and asparagus for lunch. I was unable to go to the grocery store today, but at least there was food here, and that's a good thing.

5) Bacon and eggs for dinner. Because, sometimes, breakfast for dinner is fun.

6) Smog starts school tomorrow!! YAY!

7) Mom comes home tomorrow evening for the weekend. JOY!


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