Aug. 18th, 2009

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Raining. Rained all night. Supposed to rain most of the day and evening.

We needed the rain, but it puts the kibosh on walking to Brahms to pick up milk (we ran out this morning) and such. I guess I'll wait and see if maybe Tisha can take me to the grocery store tomorrow or something. Will give me time to make a list.

Smog is at a friend's house. Said friend lives out in the country, but his dad came and picked Smog up and will bring him home. Day to myself, and nothing I want to do with it.

Watching Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist.

I see a bubble bath in my future. And maybe something to eat.
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Just got my first call for subbing this year. Already have five dates on the books, four in August and one in November.

It's nice to be in demand.
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can be found here, and it's a awesome one.

The auctions only have until Thursday at 1pm Central, and then the total will be tallied. I know I've been pushing this a lot, but it's almost over, I promise.

Guys, with what you have raised and what we've scraped together here at the house, if people pay promptly for those amazing auction items when the auction ends, I could get my car back next week. That would be pretty darn spectacular.

I'm already planning lots of ways to pay this forward.


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