Aug. 17th, 2009

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The auctions that [ profile] rowangolightly is runnning to assist with my car repairs are here:

and they end at 1 pm Central on Thursday, August 20th, 2009. A brand new item went up last night, too, and it's a beauty:

It's a hand sewn, trimmed linen handkerchief, which is perfect for faire type folks. They are simply gorgeous.

Please, if you can, go bid on some of the neat items available. Also, if you can link to the auctions, that would be a big help. Some don't even have a starting bid yet, which makes them an amazing bargain, as all items are listed below their value to begin with.

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Here's the video I was telling you about the other evening:

Axis of Awesome - 4 chords video behind cut...very funny. )
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Smog is officially enrolled in school. He'll have to wait until Thursday when he goes to school to find out who his teacher will be, since I won't be able to drive out there on Wednesday when they post the list. They have a male teacher and a female teacher for fifth grade, neither of whom I know, and he's hoping for the male teacher, because he's never had a male teacher before, except for the former PE coach.

Went with Tisha to Wal-mart to get her prescriptions. I have a rant regarding that, but I think I'll post that later. I wound up using part of my grocery money to buy her prescriptions, because I knew if I didn't that she'd wind up not getting them filled, and that's a bad idea.

Didn't sleep well last night at all, waking up several times through the early morning hours. There may be a nap in my future.

Watching Happy Feet right now, hence the icon.

And now, lunch.
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If you are a paid LJ member and missed this notice, they are offering a 3 day extension to you account to make up for the downtime caused by the DDOS attacks.

Read more about it here. It is not an automatic must go click on the button to claim it.
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For Disney's A Christmas Carol

In Dallas August 18th and 19th. In OKC August 21-23. IN KCMO August 25th.


Sneak peek of the film in 3D
Behind the scenes making of the movie
Charles Dickens museum artifacts
Morph your face into characters from the movie
concept models costumes, etc.
carolers, snow, and more!
All in a train!

Mom will be home this weekend, so I may see if she'd like to take Smog and I down, because, hey, free! I like free!
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Dear ER Doctor My Sister Saw Last Night And Other Doctors Working In The USA,

For fuck's sake, wake up and open your eyes and think for just a minute before you sit down with your damn prescription pad. Now, I know you get your kickbacks and your perks from the drug reps. I get it. That said, shake this thought around in your book smart but not street smart brains for a second: if a patient comes in, sick as a dog with an infection and fighting stress headaches, and she tells you she is poor as a church mouse and has no prescription coverage, do you think that you are helping the situation when you write prescriptions for antibiotics that cost fifty fucking dollars when there are several types of broad spectrum antibiotics on the four dollar plan at most pharmacies? That is the kind of bullshit that has our nation in a health care crisis.

I'm done with it. Completely fucking done. I swear to all that is ever holy, I'm not going to leave a doctor's office again without asking him what he thinks the drugs he has just prescribed for this self paying, uninsured, single mother cost. If he can't answer me, then I'm going to ask him to make certain that he's writing to my needs, and not to the needs of the drug reps.

It's time to say no. It's time to say I will not pay outlandish prices for medicine that has other, cheaper alternatives. I get it that some medicines have no equivalent, but seriously, Doctors, get a list of the cheaper medicines. Stash it in your office drawer. When you have patients who are going without to afford the office visit, do them a solid and don't make them decide between food and antibiotics.

No one wins. No one.

Fed up,


(For the record, dear flist, we had the pharmacy call the doctor back to tell him we couldn't afford it and ask for an alternative. Original medicine - Augmentin - $49.97. Replacement medicine - Amoxycillin - $3.00, and she gets to have groceries. That's the kind of bullshit I'm talking about.)


Dear Face,

What in the hell did I do to you? Have I not been drinking more water? Have I not been washing my face? Have I not been avoiding wearing make up, in the hopes that you would behave yourself and decide to act like an almost 31 year old face instead of a 13 year old face?


Why do you think that what I really need is a huge zit on my face? I no longer lament for the loss of Pluto as our ninth planet, for I'm now growing my own on my chin. It is red and raised and hurts like hell, and I want it gone, preferably before it is terraformed and colonized. I think my dinner fork was getting sucked into it's gravitational pull. Of course, if an explorer decides to plant his tiny little flag in it, he's in for a rude awakening, as he'll likely be blasted off the surface by an eruption.

I'm not looking forward to your Big Bang.




Dear Potatoes and Onions I Ate For Dinner, were delicious. Please be kind to me. I'd rather not be up at 4 this morning with an upset stomach again.




Dear Smog,

Two days.





Dear Brother,

The reckoning is coming.

No love,



Dear A&E,

Thank you for your timely new show, HOARDERS. It reminds me that:

A) I'm not alone.

B) I'm not the worst.

C) If I don't break this cycle now, I could be much worse.

D) I can do this.

I'll be watching.




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