Aug. 14th, 2009

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Went to the dentist yesterday. Found a dentist who a) didn't try to talk me into a bunch of expensive treatments and b) understood my budget, figured out what the problem was, and came up with a stop gap measure we could take to get me out of pain until Mom and I have been back at work for a while.

I apparently have a small crack in my tooth. He could see it on the x-ray, and said I don't need a root canal, but I will need to get a cap on the tooth, which will run $600- $675, but he could tell that the majority of my problem was coming from one cusp of the molar, which was the part of the tooth that was making contact with the tooth above it. So, once we both acknowledged it was a stop gap, he ground that cusp down a bit so the rest of the tooth can take some of the pressure instead of it just all being on one corner of the tooth and hhoked me up with a few tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste, and I promised to make an appointment in the next month or two to get it fixed correctly. Total cost of office visit, including x-ray and dental procedure? $50.00. Yeah, he's a keeper. He's been in business in this area for 32 years, and I can see why, 'cause he's just a regular type guy, working in jeans and a polo shirt, though his office staff wears scrubs. Dr. Hawthorne is his name, and I intend to continue using him. I'll probably keep Smog where he is, 'cause he likes the fancy flourides and TVs over the dental chair, but as for me, I need inexpensive, no frills fixes when things go wrong, and this guy offered exactly what I needed.

Mom left around 3:00 today, meaning I am carless and riding shanks mare if I need to get somewhere. The loaner car didn't work out, much to the sadness of the kind couple who was going to loan it to me. Thankfully, through the process of trying to get it ready to borrow, an electrical problem was discovered, so now hopefully they will be able to get it fixed and have a reliable car again, instead of discovering it later at the worst possible moment.

We've got some groceries, and Tisha is going to take me to get Smog enrolled in school and get groceries as needed, but it's still frustrating. It will happen, and sooner than I could have ever done it on my own, thanks to the kind donations and auction bids, but I just never deal well with being stuck with no car.

So I'm freaking out a bit. Not a lot, yet, but a bit.

I'll probably be spamming you guys a lot, because I'll need to feel connected to other people to keep from going crazy. Consider this a warning.


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