Aug. 13th, 2009

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It's after midnight here.

I should be sleeping.

Or perhaps outside watching the meteor shower. I watched for a while last night, brilliant streaks across the sky. One of the good things about living where I do is the lack of light pollution. I can step out into the front yard and stare straight up into the sky and see meteor showers and stars while I listen to the frogs eep out their chorus from the pond across the road. I was thinking last night that someone should write a country song about the meteor shower. Something like, "I Couldn't See The Shooting Stars Through The Tears In My Eyes" or something cheesy like that. I think they would dance to that, here, if it had enough twang and the Budweiser flowed freely enough. In Oklahoma the Budweiser always flows freely enough. Perfect song for dancing to under an August sky with someone you'll leave by autumn's end.

Today was one of those days. You know the kind. The days where, despite your best efforts and the efforts of those around you, you manage one step back for every two forward. Kind of like a two-step, now that I think of it.

I have Important Things to say, but how can one be expected to spill forth Importance on a hot August night? Instead, I shall tell you about the bumper sticker on the back of the white compact car we followed into town. They were stopped at the traffic light by Walmart (one of four in this four light town) and I laughed so hard at their bumper sticker: Nice Car. Too Bad About Your Small Penis. I laughed and read it to Mom, and she laughed, and I wondered if they lived here, or they were just passing through.

Am I just passing through? I tend to always feel that way. No real roots, you know. Navy brat's curse. People ask me where my hometown is, and I gape at them in confusion, because I don't have one. I can tell them where I graduated high school, but that isn't home. I can tell them where I live now, where I'm raising my son so that he will have a hometown and some sort of roots, however sad and stunted they may be, but this isn't my hometown. I have acquaintances here. I have the nod and smilers, the "How's your family?" people, the students from school who remember me as "that cool sub", but if I were to pass from this existence, only a very small number of people in this town would read my obituary in the paper and feel sadness, and the majority of that would be for things I used to do and a person I used to be.

Can I say my hometown is on-line? Eh, truer than anything else. Ya'll are my hometown.

Tomorrow, I will link to Important Things. I will link to the amazing, humbling auction being waged in my name on [ profile] rowangolightly's journal, full of some top notch donations of a caliber unlikely to ever be seen again.

I will link to a moving, true essay on health care reform and what it will mean to people like me who haven't had health care for more than half of their lives.

I will link to an incredible artist's page, whose works moved me more deeply than I can say.

I will link to a rant that will clearly show you why I will never be buying books by a certain bigoted author, and why you need to make that decision for yourself, of course.

Tomorrow (for it is really never tomorrow until you sleep, says the veteran insomniac) I will link, but tonight, I shall go out and see if I can catch a glimpse or two of a shooting star, but I assure you the only tears in my eyes will be tears of joy.

Or allergies.
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[ profile] rowangolightly has spent a goodly amount of time soliciting donations and creating an amazing auction to assist in the payment of my car repair bill.

There is an overview of all the items available here, and I'm adding links to the individual auctions below. Instructions for bidding are available at the summary post and at each individual item post.

Item #1 - Tarot reading from the Spiral Deck, in the Celtic Cross 10-card spread

Item #2 - "Sew-aholic" poster (artist Michelle Johnson, from TLC Greetings), not framed or matted, but still encased in plastic with a cardboard backing (so suitable for framing).

Item #3 - Numbered and signed ink and pencil drawing, "Penguinity", by Randy Farran, not framed or matted, but still encased in plastic with a cardboard backing (so suitable for framing).

Item #4 - Celtic music CD Band: Spriggan; Title: "Mind the Gap"; Released: 2008

Item #5 - Reading/Coaching Sessions One hour session with Rev. Shae, noted psychic and medium
More details about her teaching and consulting here:

Item #6 - 2 dozen scrumptious Bacon Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies home-baked by an amazing woman.

Item #7 - Pearl and Amethyst necklace - 18.5" Hand-knotted silk necklace, cultured pearls, and amethyst ovals.

Item #8 - Celtic Music CD Band: Queen's Gambit; Title: "Castle-Queen's Side"

Item #9 - Photographic Art, 8" x 10" Pictures from Russ Matthews Photography catalog
His pictures can be viewed at

Item #10 - One crocheted granny-square afghan, approximately 50" square (lap-throw sized), custom designed in the purchasers own color choices.

Item #11 - Man or woman's flat-cap; buyer's choice of velvet or tapestry fabric, wired brim, sized to fit yer noggin, with trim and feathers Examples available at

Item #12 - Lovely Riding Hat; ladies size L; with peacock trimming. Blue roses, blue tulle, peacock and ostrich plumes, and a little bitty birdie perched on the back. From

Item #13 - "Manicure: file and shape nails, soak and push back cuticles, polish and hand massage. On toes I will remove old polish and polish to match fingernails. (If client desires mis-matched hands and feet I will comply, while shaking my head disapprovingly.) Bring polish or choose among mine. KC area only, at my home."

Item #14 - Upcycled Sweater-Felted Wool Cat Bed - A lonely wool sweater hangs in the thrift store, waiting for someone to love it. The previous owner had loved it a bit too much, and there are snags, and fuzzies all over the sweater. It's doubtful that anyone will want to wear this sweater again. But wait! Let's felt the sweater, cut it and sew it, felt it again--and we have an upcycled sweater! It's a snuggly warm cat bed, that any cat will love.

Item # 15 - This lovely cowl was designed by Cat Bordhi and utilizes her Moebius Cast-On method, which can be found in her book A Treasury of Magical Knitting. This amazing cast-on allows the piece to be worked from the center outward as a true Moebius; this is what causes the pattern to mirror itself on either side of the center line. The yarn is Patons' Silk Bamboo: 70% Bamboo and 30% Silk. The color according to Patons is "Orchid."

Item #16 - Hawk Print, 18" x 24" Artist proof, not numbered. The artist took a picture of Royal Gauntlet's Ferruginous hawk in 1992.
Robert says, "This was drawn by a guy named Krapf who I saw at the Norman faire last April. It is gold framed and matted."

Item #17 - Cooking Lesson KC AREA ONLY Matt says, "You will receive 3 hours of my time, to be taken in either 1 stint or split into 3 separate lessons on 3 days. During this/these lessons you will have the option to either have me teach you how to prepare and cook a dish/dishes of your choice OR you may 'challenge the chef' by providing me with random ingredients and having me show you something that can be made with these ingredients 'on the spot'."
**DISCLAIMER** All ingredients are to be provided by the winner; winner will need to contact to arrange a time that is mutually suitable for the lessons to be taken.

Item #18 - custom-made FiddlyBags purse - Purse of many pockets; this is one of the newest FiddlyBags designs. If you've seen Rowan with this over her shoulder lately, this is the design! Winner gets a choice of colors in brocade and lining. Design includes safe cell phone pouch in handle, detachable cord for key ring and many pockets to stash all those fiddly-bits we all seem to collect. See her amazing bags at

Item #19 - Custom-made hand-beaded necklace, made to match an outfit. She says, "If the person is not a festival person,I will make a piece of jewelry to match a particular outfit or in particular colours."

Item #20 - Signed Copy of Story Written by Elizabeth Leggett for "Ravens in the Library"

Item #21 - Private burlesque performance KC AREA ONLY She says, "One private burlesque performance just for you! Warning: I am an amateur, but in the right place!

Item #22 - Private Table Top Game session (World of Darkness) KC AREA ONLY A 3-5 hour private table top game of Changing Breeds run by Elizabeth Leggett, one of the creators of Changing Breeds for White Wolf Publishing. Up to three people can participate.

Item #23 - Fire Goddess" necklace, 18"Hand-strung, mostly freshwater pearls and copper. Lovely work, more stuff available at:

Item #24 - Tarot reading; one specific question or a general year-ahead outlook. She says, "I prefer the straight-up Rider-Waite, but can also do the William Blake tarot. I do more 'inspired' than formal reading, which is to say I read from a trance state and adapt the spread according to what shows up as relevant and right. I'm not a professional, just an occasional consulting magician.

Item #25 - Diabetic-friendly Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - 2 dozen. Low sugar, whole-grain, with dark chocolate chips. Nuts or no nuts at winner's option.

Item #26 - Gift Certificate Broken Arrow Community Playhouse
Description: Admits 2 to any One Performance in our 30th Season:
"The Sunshine Boys" Sept.4-4,10-13,2009
"Crimes of the Heart" Oct.23-24, 29-Nov 1 2009,
"Cinderella" Dec.4-5,10-13,2009
"Bus Stop" Feb.5-6,11-14, 2010
"Moon Over Buffalo" April 9-10, 15-18, 2010
"Three Wishes for Jamie" June 4-5,10-13 2010

Item #27 - Handcrafted "Steampunk" Jewelry in Brass with Scarlet beads, set of earrings with matching necklace

Item #28 - Handcrafted red, black & iridescent wings in mixed media (wire/fabric/etc.) Location: Dallas, TX (these wings cannot be mailed; delivery must be arranged to mutual satisfaction)

Item #29 - Caterpillars cards" portraying Fae Kitties
She is willing to frame them for the winner, as she did here:

Item #30 - 10 inch goatskin tambourine, hand-painted with acrylic ink in a lovely Celtic design More can be found at her etsy at

Item #31 - QAL CD: "Moves through the Faire" OR
QAL CD: "All Chandler's Wife"
NOTE: Purchaser may have their choice of EITHER this CD or the new "All Chandler's Wife" CD. AND if the bids go high enough, the winner can have both CDs!

I know that is a lot of code, that I hopefully haven't borked. From now through the week that this auction runs, I'll put up a daily reminder and link to all the auctions, but not links to the individual auctions. I just really wanted to share all the amazing items that have been donated and encourage everyone to spread the links far and wide.

For easier linkage, feel free to just link to :
Which leads to all of the individual auction pages.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the kind artists, artisans, and friends who have donated items for the auction. Thank you as well to everyone who bids and spreads links around. Thank you most of all to [ profile] rowangolightly, who took it on herself to organize this with such grace and speed.

The auction runs for one week only, so don't delay! Bid today!
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Here are things that I wanted to share with you, some because they are beautiful and some because they made me angry, and some just because I want to keep records of them. Read at your leisure, if you choose:


I am in love with Thomas Doyle's mind. Was pointed to these by [ profile] naamah_darling, and fell head over heels. I adore anything tiny, anyway, and these broke my heart, in a good way.

This amazing sand artist from the Ukraine. It's a Youtube video I was tipped off to by [ profile] rowangolightly. Do yourself a favor. Carve out 9 minutes of your day when you can watch this, with sound and a couple of tissues. Simply breathtaking.


Why I will never read the works of John C. Wright. The link is to a rant (SO NSFW) by [ profile] naamah_darling regarding and linking to the bigoted spewings of a certain author that may well grace some of your bookcases, so that you may make an informed decision whether or not you'd like to continue to support him.

Another fine rant (NSFW), this one about the health care bill that is currently dragging through Congress (and being watered down as we speak. As I said in my comment to said rant, I've been without health care for the majority of my life. I've had to suck it up and hope I wouldn't get sick and hope my kid wouldn't get sick or hurt, because if I had to go to the hospital, I'd be ruined. I know I'm not alone here.

And that's what I've got today. Consider yourself linked. Go forth and be edified.


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