Aug. 10th, 2009

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I have a toothache. This is relatively high on the suck factor, because I have no insurance, but I'm hoping I can hold out until Mom is back at work and then have it taken care of. If not, well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there, I suppose. I'm hoping a root canal will not be necessary, since I've never had one and I'm gathering that they suck, but I'm pretty sure it is abcessed, so we'll see. I've been sleeping a lot this afternoon, 'cause I'm running a fever and I ache.

I'm still working steadily on my house. Mom hurt her back helping me today, so while the plan remains to work on it a few hours each day, we'll have to see how her back is feeling in the morning. I can only work on it in the morning hours, before it gets too hot. The AC isn't working over there right now, and I have quite a bit of work to do before it is up to the standards where I can get someone in to work on it, including the landlord.

Mom's report date for her next job just got moved up as of today, and she has to be in Arkansas Friday evening.

I'm picking up a loaner car from a friend Wednesday afternoon so I won't be completely carless while trying to save up the rest of the money. When Mom gets back to work, she will have a paystub (and thus proof of employment) again, and I think we are going to get a loan through a loan company to pay for the remainder of the car repairs, so there's that.

Going to go tomorrow and fill out a new application for subbing. I think I'm going to request high school only this year. I really prefer high school, and it's walking distance from Mom's place, which is good.

Haven't gotten an application for the plasma center yet. I guess Tazia forgot to bring one, and it's not like I have reliable transportation right now, anyway, so after I get my car back, I'll go apply in person, I suppose.

And that's the state of the Bob.


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