Jul. 31st, 2009

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Things which don't suck:

1) The nice lady at Walmart who helped me find the incredibly specific erasers required by Smog's school supply list.

2) Child support that allows me to buy his school supplies.

3) Cleaning and organizing my shelf in the bathroom cabinet. Got rid of some trash, took things out of there that have no business in the bathroom, just made it generally more user friendly. Baby steps.

4) Got the title in the mail for the Blazer. Now maybe I can get it sold and out of my life.

5) Smog spending the night with a friend. Bit of quiet time is nice.

6) Chinese food. YUM!

7) Working on a new project with items from stash. YAY!

8) Sliding into a new world via books. I feel blessed that my mother instilled a love of reading in me at an early age (and a love of Stephen King, for that matter) that allows me that escape.

9) A glass of water cold from the fridge in a cup that changes colors with temperature. It makes me smile

10) Twilight time on a July evening, with the cool grass underfoot.

What doesn't suck in your world?


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