Jul. 29th, 2009

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The car place called a bit ago, and my car is completed and ready to pick up, when I have the money to do so. They got it finished far earlier than I was expecting, which is nice.

They also had a grand total for me - $4933.12 - so now I know how much I've got to come up with still.

I made myself a ticker to keep track of how much I have, just because I find them inspiring. I did go ahead and create an etsy shop so that I can start listing some of my handmade goods there, with all of the money going to the car. As soon as I have some items up, I'll post the URL here and ask you to pass it around to anyone who might be interested.

I know [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly is accumulating a list of donated goods and services and is going to post that soon. Sounds like some really awesome donations have already been pledged! I'm so honored and amazed, really.

This is what I have (or have coming from donations that were made to [livejournal.com profile] rowangolightly), and I'll keep it updated.

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Things Which Do Not Suck 7-29-09

1) My feet got cold in the middle of the night, so now I am wearing my awesome stripey SamSocks. Any exuse to wear awesome socks does not suck.

2) Chocolate milkshake from Braum's. You suck it, but it doesn't suck!

3) Going to the library to check out books. Free and great entertainment. I'm reading my way through the Outlander series and starting the Dark Tower series, which I had never gotten around to reading. My library has both. Cool!

4) I have so many friends who are in awesome relationships and they express thelove they have in those relationships freely and openly. It makes me both feel warm and fuzzy and hopeful for our world.

5) Meatloaf for dinner. Delish!

6) Car is fixed, and earlier than expected! I would recommend Bob Hurley GM's service department if you need fast service and good communication.

7) Almost halfway to the total needed to retrieve my car. (I'm trying to be "glass half full" about this, 'cause it's how I stay sane.)

8) I got a good night's sleep last night, and am looking forward to another one tonight, after some reading.

What didn't suck in your world today?


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