Jul. 27th, 2009

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I have created a Yahoo group for the Oklahoma Grand Shindig. Please join to stay informed, and spread the link around to others who might be interested!

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I've been writing about nothing but my car lately, and, well, that gets old. Here are some things that are not related to my car, at least not directly, and which do not suck:

1) I got an amazing, day brightening envelope in the mail that contained pictures of yours truly (like the one in my icon) taken by the talented [livejournal.com profile] arkhamrefugee and suitable for framing. *GLEE*

2) I got the Blazer cleaned out, and applied for a replacement title, and several people have expressed interest in purchasing it as a parts car. If I can sell it, that will be another $500 towards car repairs, so here's hoping!

3) I have a belly full of burrito. MMMmmm...burrito.

4) I finished Dragonfly In Amber day before yesterday, and I enjoyed it. Will take it back to the library tomorrow and get the next one.

5) Mom's cat is sleeping on my shoes (he has a foot fetish) with his front paws crossed and tucked prettily under his chin. Cute cats do not suck.

6) In one month, I will be 31. I'm actually pretty okay with this. 30 has been rough, and I'm looking forward to seeing what 31 will hold.

7) It's been raining all morning. I like rain.

8) My family is relatively healthy and relatively whole.

9) I have awesome friends.

10) Even with all that has crashed down around me lately, I'm still choosing joy.

What doesn't suck in your world today?
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I enjoyed writing my list earlier so much that I'm going to challenge myself to write a list of things that didn't suck every day for a week. I encourage everyone to play along by posting a list of things that didn't suck each day in their journal, too, or at least commenting on mine and telling me things that didn't suck. I'm just naive enough to believe that putting that much positive energy into the world for a week can make a difference, and if it doesn't, I have lost nothing.

For anyone thinking that their lives are so horrible that they can't find at least one or two things that don't suck each day, I encourage you to do something each day to make someone else's life better, even if it is just smiling at them and receiving a smile in return. If you can't accomplish at least that much positivity, then A) you need to seriously re-evaluate your life choices, and B) I'm not 100% sure I need you in my life. I am throwing that out there pre-emptively to the Negative Nellies that tend to pop up on these kinds of posts.

To recap: 1 week. At least 1 positive thing each day.

Game on.


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