Jul. 24th, 2009

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I have news on the car....it isn't good, unfortunately.

Apparently two heads were cracked and one cylindar was warped to egg shaped. They could repair it, but it would have no warranty and would cost as much as the used engine. The used engine would only have a six month warranty on it, and then I'd be up a creek if it crapped out. After much thought, we've gone ahead and ordered a new engine, which will take a couple of weeks to arrive and be installed but will have a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty on it. I'm looking at, all told, about a $5,000 bill at the end of this. I was so hoping that wouldn't be the case, but I am afraid that if I take any of the cheaper options, I'll be back in this situation again in six months, with no recourse. Mom's going to contact some of her work buddies and see if she can maybe get loans from a few of them, until she gets back to work.

It sucks, but that's kind of the lay of it. I'd rather lay out the money now than wind up stranded by the road in February with this having happened again.

I can't say again how much it means to me that you have all been so willing to help. I can't ask you to help shoulder this large of an amount, though. It's just too much. That you have already done so much for me is more than I know how to handle. I'm just not used to being on the receiving end...I'm babbling.

It's the worst case scenerio financially, but in the end, I should have a safe, reliable car again.

I hope.


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