Jun. 24th, 2009

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Thing #1 - Does anyone have a potty chair and/or a potty training toilet insert that their children have out grown that they may be willing to pass on? Nevaeh is ready for potty training, and since these are often outgrown as opposed to worn out, I figured I'd ask here before heading to Walmart.

Thing #2 - I went and had my TB skin test today. Results on Friday, and we'll go from there. I know I had a negative skin test in 2003 when I did my phlebotomy clinicals, so at least I have a baseline to draw from. I'll keep you posted. No one needs worry unless I am determined to have an active case, which is very unlikely.

Thing #3 - Here is an incredibly interesting article (with pictures!) about bra sizing and why most people are wearing the wrong size bra, even if they have been fitted for one. Check it out.

Thing #4 - I have a headache and need to do laundry and get Smog's shirts patched up for this weekend.

Thing #5 - I went with Mom and won $18.00 at the casino this morning. Hey, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Thing #6 - I finished Outlander. Need to get a copy of Dragonfly In Amber and a copy of Naamah's Kiss so I will have more reading material. Also need to finish Mists of Avalon so I can return it to [livejournal.com profile] bountifulpots.

Thing #7 - Smog slipped in the pool yesterday and busted his nose. Got a pretty good nosebleed, but didn't break it and doesn't have black eyes, thankfully.

Thing #8 - I sense a nap coming on. Mmmm....nap.


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