Jun. 13th, 2009

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June 13th is, once again, BLITEOTW, or Blog Like It's The End Of The World.

I don't know that I'll be participating this year...likely not, as I'm feeling like hammered crap (sadly, my illness is not a cute illusion to perpetrate the fun, but actual throat burning rage...in fact, today I would gladly rip my own throat out and feed it to the undead if it would make it stop hurting) but I know I have several friends who do not cope well with zombie goodness, so consider this a PSA for those few.

Now, for me, another dose of Chloroseptic and trying to go to sleep after sleeping a good portion of the day.

Have fun, ya'll!
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Here is Bob's policy on relationship breakups where she knows both parties involved:

In relationship breakups where I am friends with both parties, I remain neutral. I am Switzerland. I won't choose sides unless asked to, and then it will not be the side of the person who puts me in that position that I choose, because I find that to be incredibly unfair. I won't carry tales from one person to the other. I will not spy. I will not lie. If you ask me straight out what your former paramour is doing, I'm not going to tell you, nor will I lie about it. I'm going to tell you that if you want to know something about them, you need to ask them. You may tell me whatever you need to, in absolute trust that it will go no further and will not be carried to a space where your former lover can see it. I do not violate trusts. If it is in a locked post in a journal, it doesn't leave that post. The only exception I will ever have to this rule is if I think someone is a physical danger to themselves or others, and then only as a last resort. It doesn't matter who I've known first, longest, or been closest to. Once you bring someone into my life, they are a friend until they reject that friendship. If you don't want me to continue being friends with them, don't introduce them to me.

Bob is safe space. Bob is sacred space. Bob does not play games.


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