May. 15th, 2009

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To combat the negativity of the last few days, here are some things that are good.

* Dinner is in the crockpot and smells delicious. It's an odd kind of smothered porkchop thing I've got going made out of what I could find in the cabinets and freezer, but it smells yummy, so I'm happy.

* New to me garb is coming my way this weekend! W00T! An incredible shrinking friend is passing on the garb that has outgrown her for unbeatable prices, and I benefit. SCORE!! Means I'll likely have something spiffy and clean to wear to Celidih.

* SUNSHINE!! The sky, it was blue today. Actual blue! Not cloudly blue. With green, freshly mown grass.

* The smell of fresh laundry. So good.

* The air conditioner in my car! It's the first car I've had with a working AC, so to be able to turn a knob and get cold air in my face is still a novelty. I know...I'm so backwoods.

* Two day weekend at faire. 'Cause after last weekend, it's going to feel like a cake walk.

* Driving in the car singing along to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack with my son and trying not to laugh when he sings "We do the weird stuff!"

* Polidori Chocolates being available again. NOMNOMNOM!! How can you not like chocolate named after deadly sins and Lovecraft?

And now I have packing and sewing to do so I can get ready for faire tomorrow. See many of you there!


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