May. 6th, 2009

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1) SUN! We have sunlight! Actual sunlight! I was beginning to think I was going to have webbed toes and gills by the end of May, and I suppose I still might, as we still have more rain in the forecast, but it sure is lovely to see sunlight coming through the windows. I'm going to take advantage and get the car cleaned out today while I can.

2) Inspiration! A post from a friend has me all inspired to get organized. Going to ride said feeling for as long as the motivation lasts and see what all I can get accomplished.

3) New toy! I bought a video camera. Best Buy had a really good deal on these cute little cameras, so there may eventually be video blogging and video from some of the different events I go to. Can't take video at OKRF, obviously, since I'm working, but maybe at some of the afterhours events and before and after cannon some time (when it isn't going to rain) I'll take it out. It's tiny like a cell phone...I could fit it in my bodice! I look forward to sharing this new dimension of my life with you.

4) Smog is feeling better. Kept him home today as precaution, and he is ensconced in the recliner in the living room indulging in DVD's and comfy blankets. He should be good to return to school tomorrow.

5) Garlic stuffed green olives. If you haven't visited the garlic booth at OKRF, you really should go! So much goodness!! I don't normally even consider green olives high on my list of things I love, but these are incredibly delicious. If you are a garlic lover, you must go sample their is right near the entrance to the Castle.

6) New stripey socks. 'Cause I'm a simple girl like that.

Off to the bank and the store and to pay bills!
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Regional Renaissance Reporter/ videos from last year are finally up!

I'm embedding the first one under the cut, and each of the following episodes is posted as a video response to the previous one. I'm sure you'll see many people you recognize, including a certain wench in the first episode around the 2:38 mark, along with the rest of the Scarlet Pillow. Enjoy!

You tube video under cut. )


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