May. 5th, 2009

Sad news

May. 5th, 2009 11:43 am
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One of the former Bilge Pumps, Mike Younger (aka Kailyn Dammit the Gunner), has passed away.

There is more information, as well as a virtual wake, on their website here:

I did not know Mike personally, although I truly enjoyed the Bilge Pumps while they were participants at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival and caught their shows at Norman whenever possible.

Always sad to hear when someone's life is ended in such a manner.
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Smog had a field trip today to an old time school house in Stillwater. They spent the whole day over there, and were encouraged to dress in pioneer clothes.

Unfortunately, the poor kid wound up throwing up three different times today. He toughed it out until they made it back to Cushing, and then they called me and I went to pick him up. No school for him tomorrow, obviously. Hopefully it's just a little 24 hour bug or something. No fever...just nausea and a touch of the trots, poor boy.

Cross all crossable bits that he is much improved and quickly, please! Otherwise renfaire in the cold and wet will be strictly out of the question, and I have no one to watch him since my brother is being a pooterhead, so I would be out of commission, too.
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There is something so incredibly odd about re-reading a favorite book and finally deciding to go and see if the author has written anything else only to find that that the author of said book is not the person you thought she was, but is in fact a completely different male type person.

It really threw me for a loop. Doesn't make the book less enjoyable, but did make my brain hurt a little bit as it tried to wrap around it. I guess some vestiges of sexism exist in my brain, no matter how much I try to banish them. I'm not happy about that.


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