Apr. 23rd, 2009

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Bad - I ordered a hat from ebay, and the seller contacted me yesterday saying he is shipping it out, but there is no way it is going to be here by this weekend.

Good - Seller was unhappy with the quality of his latest shipment from his supplier, so he refunded all of my money, including shipping, and is sending me the hat for free! I can see that they also pulled all listings of those items, presumably until they get a new shipment.

To that end, assuming all comes through according to plan, I can recommend houseofchuckles on ebay as an amazing seller, and I applaud sellers that are more concerned about quality and customer satisfaction than about a quick buck. If you have need of anything they offer, please consider purchasing from them.
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OMG!!! This Huggies commercial made me laugh until I cried!

Embedded video behind cut )

Doc, it's a video of a man changing his baby boy's diaper, and every time he moves the diaper, the baby squirts like a fire hose, hitting the walls and ceiling and the bed he is changing him on and just everything. Man is confused. Baby is gleeful. Ends with: Huggies: Nothing stops leaks better.
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I think tomorrow night I am going to drag myself away from Conestoga long enough to go to the Sushi Train, because sushi is made of NOM! Saturday night I will be too busy to eat unless someone shoves something in my mouth, but Friday night is usually low key, as I don't really care about sitting in the Opening Ceremonies for the hour long Reading Of The Names. (It is a literary convention, after all. I'm capable of reading the program all by myself.)

Anyone interested in joining me in perching on uncomfortable barstools and snagging rolls off an electric train? I'm thinking of getting to the Sushi Train around 6:00-6:30 so I can be back in time for the Friday Night concert at 8:00.



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