Apr. 14th, 2009

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Started the dryer up and noticed a glow coming from the back. Not good. Turned off immediately and unplugged, cleaned out vent, which was clogged. Tried again. Something is still burning. Not good. Now off to buy a teeny tiny socket set (and a new vent tube, while I'm at it) so I can get the damn back panel off the thing and vacuum it out. I don't think this thing has been vacuumed out since Mom bought it many, many years ago. I'm just thanking God that I started the dryer this morning instead of last night before I went to bed, which I have been known to do.

Definitely derailing my to-do list for today, but it kind of jumped to the top of the priority list, esp. since I have clothes in the washer and dryer and faire season coming up.


Didn't really need this now, but better now than later, I guess.

And now?

Apr. 14th, 2009 10:57 am
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The next door neighbor lady (who is really a super nice lady who takes care of Mom's dogs when we are out of town, and who knocked on the glass door and then waited for me to answer today) just came over and said the air conditioner in the back was making a funny noise. She said it sounded like a bearing squealing. I turned the A/C off and when I turned it back on, it wasn't making that noise anymore, so who knows?

*heavy sigh*

You know, this stuff always happens when Mom is out of town. Water heaters burst, toilets break, A/Cs start making weird noises, cars break down, clothes dryers have to be taken apart...always while I'm stuck dealing with it on my own. It has made me independent, I guess, but I would dearly like a break.

Have shoved food in my face and purchased teeny sockets. Now to go take the back off the dryer and see what I can figure out.
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Okay, got the back of the dryer off, vaccuumed out a HUGE amount of lint, and got the back back on the dryer. I think that really will fix the problem. Go to install vent tube, and it is about two inches too short.


So, now, heading back to Walmart in a bit to get a new one, but I think I'll get some other things done first, like cleaning out the car on the one pretty day we are supposed to get this week, before more rain.
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Got dryer back in place, with new vent tube, and first load tumbling. Seems to be working, but I'll be keeping a fire extinguisher nearby and a close eye on it just in case.

I'm exhausted.

See, the washer and dryer sit in a closet, and the closet sits in a narrow hallway, so everytime I needed to get behind the dryer, I had to get up on top of the washer and ooze behind the dryer like pudding through a vent cover.

Did I mention I weigh 250 pounds?

Yeah, that's a lot of pudding to squish into a teeny little space.

Then, everytime it was time to come out from behind the dryer, I had to scale the walls of the closet like Spiderman.

A 250 pound Spiderman made of pudding.

I did this between 10 and 15 times today. Maybe more.

I still have to put all my tools away, clean off the top of the dryer, and generally set the hall to rights, and I still haven't gotten the car cleaned out, and that must be done today, but I'm going to give myself 10 minutes just to sit and bask in a job (hopefully) well done.


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