Mar. 28th, 2009

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Sitting in the Budget Inn in Muskogee, OK, between days of the third Academy weekend for OKRF. Weather got bad enough in Tulsa/ Broken Arrow that the Castle managment wisely issued an edict that everyone who was thinking about driving back that way for the night should rethink. Those of us who carry extra bedding (I always have an airmattress, a few blankets, and a few pillows in the car) shared for the refugees who were going to be stranded in the Castle. I tried to get someone to come share the room Smog and I rented, but had no takers, so we each have our own bed tonight. Nice warm room and hot shower and dinner at the Golden Trough and I'm feeling quite cozy. If only I hadn't taken the rum and tequila out of the car, tonight would be perfect! Oh, well. The Incredibles is on TV, and I'm feeling an early bed coming on, or at least stretching out with a book and relaxing.

Life could be worse.

Everyone stay safe and warm out there!



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