Mar. 19th, 2009

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You Are 64% Texas
Well, knock me down and steal muh teeth! You're pretty darn Texan.

God, that quiz brought back memories! Sitting in the back booth of Dairy Queen with Steph...I miss Dairy Queen! The one in Bay City had this little memory game...kind of like Simon, that you could play for a quarter, and, well, I've always been good at those games. Depending on the score you got, you could win a free small soda, a free ice cream cone, or a free burger (one per customer per day), so depending on if I was thirsty, wanted something sweet, or hungry, I could go in and get what I wanted for a quarter and a teeny bit of effort. Pretty decent for a teenager with a good memory and reflexes and not a lot of money.

Those were the days.


Mar. 19th, 2009 02:09 pm
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So apparently my e-mail got hacked. Don't know how. Password has been changed. Address book is {GRRRR} emptied. If you received an e-mail from me with something like this in the body:

Dear friend:
I would like to introduce you a corporation which mainly sell electronic products.Now the company is doing sales promotion,and all the products are sold nearly at its cost price.What's more,they provide their customers the best service and products which is good in qulity and low in price.It is a good chance for shopping,so improve the shining hour.Its now or never! Regards!

well, it obviously wasn't from me. I'll be asking for e-mail addresses again once I am certain that it won't happen again.



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