Feb. 9th, 2009

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Tried to sleep and couldn't. Now Smog is home and it is homework time, which is just schoolwork time carried over into home time, which I kind of hate but have to accept.

If I hang upside down, do you think all the gunk would just drain out of me and I could go on about life?


I have to keep going back and fixing my spelling and I want to go to sleep but I don't want anymore weird scary dreams but weird cool ones are okay. And I can't go to sleep because I have a son and he is 10 and ten year old boys don't have quiet settings, do they? I need to go to Stillwater tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it, if it isn't raining or very very windy.

Maybe I can have a nap.
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Thanks to Eric Williams of WWC Marketing, we are delighted to announce that we will be having a CD release party of "Castle Queen's Side", the 6th QG CD in Tulsa on March, 29th.

It will be at 2:00pm at Borders Books at 2740 E 21st St. .

We are working on getting a CD release party in Kansas City or Lawrence for the day before; any help in that endeavor (of finding us a retail location for the party) would be most appreciated. Yes, we're crazy enough to travel to different cities for CD release parties; but then, we're a tri-city band!

*cross posted to QG group and yahoo group*

Please come, tell all your friends and help us launch this new CD (and help our sales at Borders!)

THANK YOU, Eric; you rock!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend as I have a prior commitment, but I encourage anyone in the Tulsa area who enjoys Celtic/Irish/Ren type music to come out and support a local group. Crossposting is also encouraged. It would be awesome to see them booked into more local places, aside from OKRF. I am proud to say I own every one of their CD's, and they just keep getting better with each new release. They have amazing, tight, goosebump inducing harmonies that match really well with their blend of instrumentation. If you haven't yet heard their cover of "Seven Bridges Road", you are in for a real treat! Two enthusiastic Bob thumbs up!
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Dear Stomach,

Please to be ceasing your acrobatics. They are neither amusing nor pleasant. You will not succeed in turning yourself inside out, even if you have divested yourself of all contents, so it is in the best interest of both of us if you stop trying.





I just finished Season 2 of you today (still awesome, even on cold meds!) and you continue to rock my socks. Feel free to carry on.

Legen...wait for it...darily yours,



Dear OKRF Cast and [livejournal.com profile] spacezombie,


Hi! I hope I didn't breathe on you too much at Mixer and other such things on Saturday. I'd not wish this on anyone. Get some vitamin C in you, STAT, just in case. If you get this crap, I apologize in advance.

Mea Culpa,



Dear IRS,

Please cough up my federal return this Friday. I need the cashy monies.




Dear Illness,

Let this serve as your eviction notice. You have 24 hours to vacate the premesis, as I have way too much stuff going on this weekend to be dancing attendance on you.

Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!




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