Jan. 27th, 2009

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As pointed to by [livejournal.com profile] lightonthesill, I spin the World Prayer Wheel, and receive this:

As the rain hides the stars,
as the autumn mist
hides the hills,
as the clouds veil
the blue of the sky, so
the dark happenings of my lot
hide the shining of thy face from me.
Yet, if I may hold thy hand in the darkness,
it is enough, since I know,
that though I may stumble in my going,
Thou dost not fall.

traditional - scottish gaelic

I like it.
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Walking with Dinosaurs was freaking awesome!! I mean, really, just awesome!! It will be playing in Tulsa soon, and if you can spring for the tickets, it's worth it. Even knowing how it was all done didn't lessen the awesomeness for me. Because, dude, a life sized T-rex! Life sized brachiosaurus. Life sized stegosaurus. Blinking, roaring, walking around. Just very, very cool. Smog enjoyed it immensely, of course. My handy GPS got us there with no problems, and then located a Golden Corral (I was craving meat) afterwords, and got us safely there and home again. So nice for the navigationaly challenged, like myself.

Was supposed to work all week in the Home Ec. room, but today school was canceled due to weather. It is so slick out there! Yesterday, Smog's bus had two accidents and wound up stuck near the apartments down the hill from us. Some of the kids chose to walk home, and the mother of one of them let me know what was going on, so I drove down the hill to pick him (and a couple of the neighbor kids) up. I slid a couple of times, but I took it nice & slow in the lowest gear possible and steered into the skid and it corrected quickly each time, so I had no problems getting home, though I did choose to take the longer, flatter way home. Saw people sliding all over the place and into ditches. The kids were grateful to get off the bus and get home, as by this point it was an hour after they were due home.

Remains to see if we will have school tomorrow, as the temperature isn't supposed to get above freezing today, and we still have sleet and snow falling.

Yesterday I was teaching kids to use a sewing machine for the first time. So fun! Some of them were so scared they were going to sew through their fingers, so scared of the machine. I equated it all to driving, with the presser foot lever being your turn signal, the needle control wheel being your wipers, your foot pedal is your accelerator, and not letting go of the wheel (the fabric)! By the time the class was over, the ones who were the most scared were some of the ones doing the best work. Right now, they are just sewing on paper with no thread to get used to the mechanism of the machine and so we can see that they are getting it. It's pretty cool. By the end of the week, we will start piecing together quilts and pajama pants. We spent a lot of yesterday sorting through fabric in the fabric closet, too. The assistant teacher tells me "if you see anything you can use for your ren stuff, just grab it." Dangerous. Truly, though, since they mostly work with cottons and such, I did find a few things that they can't use that I can, so that was kind of cool. Also snagged a couple of pre-printed project panels that they won't use that I can whip into something neat for my niece, so that's really awesome. Since so much of their fabric is donated, they wind up with a lot of hideous polyester that no one wants. They do service projects (like pillows for hospice and blankets for headstart) that use up some of it, but some of these fabrics are just hideous!

Today is a fuzzy pajamas and chicken soup day, and I'm totally okay with that.

Stay safe out there!
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No school tomorrow, which also means no work tomorrow.

Eh, I'm okay with this. Glad not to have to be out on roads which will still be treacherous.

Have finally sat down with my planner and started penciling in commitments, and realized that the final OKRF academy does not, in fact, conflict with Conestoga!!! I can have both!!!! Very glad of this. So, my Conestoga peeps, you shall have your art runner babe again, and we can has Dr. Horrible and all the other things we were discussing, and I won't have to be running like a chicken with my head cut off back and forth between them!

W00T, says I!

Today is supposed to be Rabbithole Day, and I'm just not feeling it this year, and that makes me very sad. I've participated for the last three years, but I guess my life has been surreal enough over the last three months that a flight into fantasy just isn't as appealing to me as it once was. I'm still so broken, internally. It is truly as if something inside me has shattered and I'm sitting in the midst of the pieces with a bottle of Elmer's glue and absolutely no idea how to begin putting myself together again. Humpty Dumpty syndrome.

Incredibly sad about losses across my friends list. These things always seem to hit at once, to pile up. My prayers are with several of you tonight.

Stay safe and warm out there, folks.


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